Friday, September 28, 2007


Hoh. Penat. Penat.
I just seriously can't believe how tiring Part 5 will be.
Serious. I had no idea it will be this tiring.
Ouh God. Please let me get through this successfully.
No REPEAT! I just can't accept if i have to repeat any subject this sem.
Serious, TANAK!
Ok, lets see:

  1. Esok ada shooting for our drama assignment. Last day..hopefully. Submit ari Khamis (4th Oct)..isk, bday Bah la pulakk..
  2. On the weekends, prepare for our comm research. Gi interview, buat report, buat slide, edit video..etc)
  3. Ari isnin (1st Oct) ada final presentation comm research. Wish me luck!
  4. Ari selasa ada last class event. Ms Jo ckp nk blanje buka pose..hehe weee!!
  5. Ari rabu, anta business plan to mr shamsury. Just utk dia check je. Moga everything will went well. Print tuhh! Isk.
  6. Ari khamis, ada final exam Digital Audio & Video Production (Broadcasting).
  7. Ari Jumaat, ada final exam Multimedia.
  8. Lepas tuu, CUTI! Yeehaa!
  9. After raya, ada final presentation multimedia (group), submit individual assignment for multimedia, final presentation ETR, submit individual assignment event..then, prepare for finals! N ouh, prepare for MUET too..
  10. Haish. Goodluck Sarah!
All of this are just a reminder for ME.

i'm NEW.

isk. sy terinfluence oleh si ninie utk create blogspot.
haha. dunno why.
maybe dah agak bosan ngn blog fster kot.
Nway, I'm NEW!
So, welcome Sarah to d new world of blogging at Blogspot!
Heeh. I'll update later.
Tgh pening. Byk benda nk kena buat.