Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!! xoxo

Hari ini (27 Dec) merupakan hari lahir 2 orang insan yang istimewa dalam hidup aku:

1) Kak Zizi a.k.a My Eldest Sister

Moga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki selalu.
Juga, moga sentiasa bahagia di samping suami dan anak-anak tersayang.
I LOVE YOU!! *muacks!

2) Naim a.k.a teman rapat sejak sekolah rendah

Finally..reaching 20 years old!
Moga happy selalu and sukses dalam apa jua yang dilakukan.
Friends forever!! *muacks to u, Adik!

May Allah bless you both. Amin.

Haz's BBQ Party

On 24th Dec, one of my [sD] babe, Haz is having a BBQ party at her house, Ara Damansara - near the old Subang airport.
She wants to do a BBQ party before me, Intan & Fieda is leaving to continue our studies at UiTM. Haz is studying at INTI & she's in a holiday too but her class starts on January. Hoh. *Jealousnyer!*
Anyway, the party starts at 6pm. And ktorg gerak dlm kul 6.15 gitu. I went with Intan & Fakhrul (one car). Kumpul with Fieda & Asrul and Farah & Dzarul kt Shell SS17 then off we go to Haz's house. By the time we got there, Naim & Syed Faisal dah pun sampai. Diorg br je nak start bakar. I was a bit lazy to help. Nvrmind, just let the guys do their thingg!! So i just went inside and play with Haz's lil bro, the cutie pie Haziq.
Then they all start eating spageti yg Haz buat. Hehehe its finger licking good!!
Disebabkan air tangan jejaka-jejaka tu agak tak menjadi kerana ayam-ayam tersebut agak hangus, Farah, our soon-to-be-chef take over d job. Haih. Mesti nak perempuan masuk campur gak ek..

Fieda, Fakhrul & Me

I dont really remember the exact time we started eating but all of it is so delicious! Nyum!!
But, Fatin tak sampai-sampai lagi. She said she'll be there after Isya but its already 9.30 and she's not here yet. About 30 mins later, Fatin sampai with her bf, Benny and his bro, Faliq.
I had a wonderful time!! Well, I have to enjoy myself because there are big possibilities that i wont see them again.
Afidah is going to Cameron the next day with her family until 28th. And on the 29th, she's going back to Lendu.
But its great because its not easy to gather all of our best friends together considering we're studying at different places so our holidays are different too.
Farah is studying at Dungun but she's doing her practical at Sheraton Subang until next year so she's not going back to Dungun.
I will be seeing Fatin a lot!haha sebab dia dak Puncak gak.
Intan is going back to Segamat on the 28th.
I missed Hana this semester break. Dapat jumpa dia sekali je. Tu pun sekejap je at Darussalam sebab lepas tu dia nak gi makan ngan family. She's studying at MMU Melaka and she's extremely busy because her finals are comingg. Goodluck babe!
Moving on....
We 'lepaked' outside of Haz's house. Teman jejaka-jejaka itu hisap rokok.hehe and no, i dont smoke. Then, pejam celik pejam celik, i realize the only girls left is me & Fatin. I dont know where's the rest. Makin lama, makin bosan lak melayan bebudak lelaki ni mengarut..almaklum lah, dah banyak hisap rokok. Rasanya, diorang high sket kot!hehe so me & Fatin went inside and searched for the other girls..
Rupanya diorang kt bilik Haz..tgh transfer gambar masa gi KLCC aritu.

Fieda yg ceria, Intan yg notty, Fatin yg concentrate & Sarah yg pura-pura concentrate!

After transfer, ktorg turun bwh balik and realize all of them baru je nak start main UNO Stacko.
I was excited at first but when it is my turn, i chickened out!hahaha loser eh.
Nway, it was a blast! We stayed there until 1am then we went home.

Fakhrul, Intan, Haz, Sarah, Syed Faisal & Naim

Thanks to Haz and her family, especially her mum for inviting us, for all the great food and for having us! xoxo

All of US.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Hope u're having a blast!~

Well, today is 25th December. So that means i am 20 years old & 5 days!! Ahahaha..
When i was in primary school, i really hate people asking me, "When is your birthday?"
God. I really hate that question.
Because i always want to celebrate my birthday at school. In my class. With my classmates.
But that surely never happen because my birthday is during the holidays.
Call me a freak, but i use to lie my birth date.haha lame. I know.

But now, i'm enjoying every moment of having my birthday in December.
Because i will always be the youngest.hehe among my friends lah kan.
Except for Naim. His birthday is in 27th Dec.
At school, i always refer him as my 'Adik'. And sometimes he even call me 'Kakak'.
Well, i dont have a Adik. So knowing that Naim is younger than me, makes me really happy + excited! =)

The only thing that always make me mad is that, today i am equal with everybody that was born in the year of 1987. But next year (2008), there will be someone turning 21 in January. And it really sucks because i have to wait 12 more months to be the same with them.
But never mind. Like i said, i'm enjoying my moments of becoming the youngest one.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007


well, today dah officially 11th Dec.
Lepas 3 hari yg sangat menyeksakan, akhirnya i check my result.
And, all the waiting, not worth it. At all.
I have failed to sustain my pointer.
My pointer dropped miserably. Ugh.

Well, i have never put high expectation this sem.
Because i realize that its so HARD. Super duper. For me lah kan.
Tp xpe laa. After my paper, i always said to myself that i dont care if i get A or B.
As long as i dont repeat any paper.
And maintain 3 pointer. Thats the most important thing.
Tak dapat mempertahankan Dekan pun xpe laa..
Asalkan xyah repeat multimedia lagi, broad lagi etc.

Alhamdulillah. Xde repeat paper. Kekal 3 pointer.
Syukur je lah.

Me & Alin dah berikrar:
"Next sem, kami akan berusaha dengan lebih gigih lagi!!"

Birthday wishes

Moga dipanjangkan umur & dimurahkan rezeki slalu.
May all your dreams & wishes will come true.
Goodluck in the future & jangan nakal2 tauu!!
=) hehe