Sunday, September 28, 2008

Raya Holiday.

Hm. Lama tak update ek. Sorry yea.
Been a little busy i guess. Although looking back, i'm not sure busy doing what.

Anyway, i'm in subang! Finally, yeay!!~
My a week plus holiday started yesterday and i'm so excited.
There's been a change of plans. I'm celebrating Raya at Terengganu..yeehaa!
Sangat happy okay. Bukan apa..for me, raya will not be called raya if i dont go back Terengganu.
Raya kat Subang should i say this. Sangat dull. Sangat boring. Sangat bandar.
Haha i dont know how to say it. But just pretend like u understand la k.

Moving on.
Yesterday i went to Subang Parade with Kak Eleen + kids and Kak Zizi + kids, and i finally bought myself a baju raya. Phew, at last. Sangat last minute..dont u think so?
Nevermind. At least dah jumpa kan.
Its black + white btw. Hehe. And i love it. Really really love it.
Thank God Mama & Bah loves it too.

Its 4.30am and i'm not sleeping yet. Why?
There's 2 reasons:
  1. I'm waiting for him actually. But looking at the time now, i think he wont show up. Its fine.
  2. I'm thinking..if i should accept my sister's invitation to go to the curve tomorrow or not. Because seriously, i dont want to. But...i'll think first.
Nah..maybe i'll say no. But just wait and see, shall we?

Okay my little darlings, i have to go downstairs & take my sahur now.
Tschus! (That means BYE.) :D

P/S: Gosh. 2 days more and then Raya. Time flies really really fast huh?
In a blink of an eye, it will be the end of my semester 3. Waaah. Cant wait. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Apa nak jadi dengan Malaysia ni?
Seriously, I have no idea.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Online boutique for baju raya pliz?

12 Ramadhan = Almost 2 weeks of fasting = Another 2 weeks then, RAYA!

i still dont have any baju raya.
langsung tarak.

lazy to tempah earlier leads to just wanna buy yang dah siap punya.
also lazy to go out and search for baju raya.
although i know i really really should doing so.

anyone wanna belikan for me? malas lar.

since online boutique is like a mushroom nowadays,
takde ke yang nak jual baju raya through online?
i'll definitely buy it. seriously!

whoa. inilah contoh manusia yang terlalu bergantung pada teknologi.
haih. congratulations sarah. proud of you. heh.

* oh-oh, i'm in subang btw! first time blk since Ramadhan started. kehkehkeh. Miss sangat sangat. Now i'm waiting for Kak Eleen to come here so that i can go to bazaar with her petang karang.
Bazaar SS18, here i come!!!~

Jangan disebut dua ayat itu lagi.

Ada dua ayat yang orang sangat gemar ucapkan waktu bulan Ramadhan & aku dah muak mendengarnya:

"Tahun ni puasa penuh tauu!!"


"Jangan ponteng puasa!!"

Haiyo. Sekali dua nak entertain orang wish camtu, aku boleh terima lagi.
Tapi kalau dah ramaiiii sgt, aku pun dah naik menyampah.

Saya berusia 21 tahun dan saya seorang perempuan.
Tak reti-reti lagi?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

So Not My Day...~

updates! updates! :D
today is 4th Ramadhan. phew. time flies huh. sudah 4 hari kita berpuasa.

well, anyway,
i am quite frustrated with myself this past few days.

Reason #1 : i answer my midterm management test miserably. there's a few questions i dont even bother to answer. and lastly i pass up my paper dengan hati yang penuh tertekan. redha je lar. walaupun seriously, sangat frust!!

Reason #2 : again, i failed to answer my research test. kami sekelas semua ingat test tu pada hari jumaat. alih-alih lecturer nak buat on wednesday..during that particular class. mana sempat nak study?? i only managed to study a few sub topics. and the rest, u know what happen.

Reason #3 : i lost my pendrive!!! argh. dalam tu ada segalanya ok. pictures, songs, ASSIGNMENTS!! aku jarang sangat misplace barang. jadi bila dah misplace something, aku sangat sangat tension and sangat down. haiyoh!

first week puasa. lotsa thing happened. and its not the most pleasant thing. i'm hating this.

i cant go home and buka puasa with my family this week coz i have german midterm test this saturday. and i have online journalism test this monday. i have to study! or at least i have to try. looking at my previous tests, i really really have to work harder. gosh.

sarah, come on. you can do this. just stop fooling around. you gotta focus.
Guten Abend.
Wie ist Ihr Name?
Mein Name ist Sarah
Wie geht es Ihnen?
Danke gut. Und Ihnen?
Es geht.

Bis dann. Aufwiedersehen.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Aku suka tengok muka lelaki yang ada air sembahyang.

Selamat Berpuasa.
Selamat Berterawih.