Thursday, October 30, 2008


2 papers dah selamat dijawab. dah boleh kemas-kemas buku german & ethnic relation.
tanak tengok rupa buku-buku tu lagi.

one word to describe the exam:

ok-ok la, almost a disaster.
super duper hard! sangat pening nak jawab.

quite ok actually. thank God for the last semester's paper that Frau gave us. but there's some sections that is totally different yang takde dalam format last semester. which the question was tough. i dont really read that part. tapi, as usual lah, HENTAM aje, better than leave it blank kan.

Ethnic Relation:
given 2 hours to answer 60 objective questions & 1 essay which the essay worth 30%.
confirm lah tak cukup masa!!
i answer til the time is up, and til the last minute, baru realize that i didnt answer one question. hey, objective je pun, pening owkay.
for each question, i reread the question 3- 4 times than i answer. mana tak pening. gile lenguh badan.

as a conclusion?
i dont think i'm going to get A for both subjects. but InsyaAllah, who knows kan. Tawakal je la because i've done the best i can.

with that, i have 4 more papers to go which the next is on this sunday.
[aperrrr lah buat exam hari ahad. hello, public holiday!??]
i'm gonna start studying tomorrow. my brain cant accept any information / ilmu anymore. so for tonight, KITA ENJOY!! [ye la sangat.]


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

need lots of it!

management oh management,
bila kau nak siap ni?
few days mengadap benda ni tapi macam masih jauh je nak siap.

a lot of things need my attention too, u know!

finals is coming. in two days.
need to study. seriously.

wish me luck ey!
coz i surely need it..a lot~

Sunday, October 26, 2008

self-conscious yang melampau

beli sekotak rokok buat sang ayah di 7-11

apa agaknya perception abang-abang 7-11 terhadap aku?

gadis liar?
very typical budak subang?


dee kata:
lantaklah apa orang lain nak fikir. as long as kita tahu kita beli rokok tu untuk orang lain. and bukan untuk kita.

aku tetap kisah apa orang lain fikir pasal diri ini.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Gambar Family Day.

Tema: Kampung Sport
Tempat: Danau Perikanan, Bukit Cerakah, Shah Alam.

kredit to anna orton =)

Monday, October 20, 2008


pukul 1.40am baru nak makan nasi untuk dinner.
mana lah badan tak makin mengembang cik sarah ooi !!


kena ada fixed schedule untuk makan lepas ni lar.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family Day MC221

Syukur Alhamdulillah.
At last, finally, berakhirlah sudah Family Day Journalism.
I feel like a huge burden has been removed from my shoulder..or should i say, our shoulder.

Million of thank yous to my classmates, 3C and also to our extra helping hand who have also work extremely hard just like we did, part 01 students. (though i know you're not gonna read this.)
thank you thank you thank you.
not forgotten, thank you to our seniors & juniors who came and support us.

We've tried the best we can do.
So if there are any flaws or problems before, during or after the event, we are deeply sorry.
(I know there are problems occurred, but then again, which event doesn't?)

Its nice to have this kind of create the bond. Because i talked, joked and laugh with people that i never imagine i could make conversations with.

Hope all of you had fun just like we did.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

naluri ibu sungguh ajaib.

16hb oktober.
sudah 12 hari aku berada di shah alam selepas cuti hari raya aidilfitri.
hampir 2 minggu tak balik rumah.
itu aku terima lagi sebab dulu aku pernah sebulan tak balik.

percaya tak kalau aku cakap yang selama 12 hari ni, tak sekali pun mama call?
dan tak sekali juga aku call mama.

aku tau aku tak boleh jadikan kesibukan aku di sini sebagai alasan.
aku tau aku patut call mama.
dan aku tau mama tak call aku sebab dia tahu aku tengah sibuk.
dan dia tak nak ganggu aku.

mama sungguh murni kan?

haih. banyak sangat benda dalam kepala ni.
no, thats not an excuse to not call.
apa khabar agaknya?
sihatkah dia?
rindu sangat.

i'm sorry mama.
i will call you. promise~

a few minutes later.......

quite a miracle kan naluri seorang ibu ni.
believe me or not, up to you,
tapi tengah-tengah aku menaip dengan penuh emosi (hehe), hpku berdering.
mama yang call.
wah! berbunga hati rasa. terubat segala rasa rindu.

mama call sebab risau dengan posting aku sebelum ni.
posting aku yang seakan-akan dah give up dengan degree ni.

:'( rasa sedih tetibe. rindu sangat.

wahai cuti, cepatlah engkau tiba.

Monday, October 13, 2008


thank you Allah.
Kau telah mendengar rintihan hati aku ini.
Kau telah membantu hambaMu ini, ya Allah.


Final test Online Journalism telah ditunda ke minggu hadapan.
Tarikh hantar laporan Management telah ditunda ke 30hb Oktober.


ada orang kata, akan ada sinar di sebalik kesusahan.
aku percaya ia kini.

thank you. danke schön.

dear friends,

i'm fine. seriously, i am.
you don't have to worry. there is no need to worry.
your friend, sarah is not a quitter.
and will never be one.

i will not regret my choice.
because i know i am doing the right thing.
i know degree are not going to be easy.
so i'm accepting everything with open heart and open mind.

i want to have a bright future.
so i'm going to finish what i already started.

a lot of thank you's for all of your concern.
i am so lucky to have all of you as my dear friends.
i am truly touched.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

no mood. whatever you say.

sarah will have such a hectic week starting!! :'(
it is so packed until i almost almost feel like crying.
have so many things to do until i dont even know which one to start first.

sarah will be such a boring person starting!!
have so many stuff in my mind until i cant even take anymore laughter nor happiness.
ugh ugh ugh

just 2 weeks more, sarah.
only 2 weeks.
but within that 2 weeks i will have to go through a lot of workkkk.

its killing me. i'm tired. and i'm sick of it.

my management masih terbengkalai, bahan-bahan masih tak cukup, and i have to submit it this tuesday.
have my online journalism test tomorrow which i havent study yet..even a word.
must submit my travel feature this tuesday which i dont even start a thing yet.
my questionnaires, belum distribute it to 20 people yet. due on wednesday.
oral test german..this thursday. juga belum study satu patah pun lagi.
test feature writing on tuesday.
quiz 2 writing & reporting news also on tuesday.

thats basically it. my schedule for next week.

oh dear God, please-please help me.
pray for me.

am i doing the right thing?
degree..are you a wise choice?
because right now, i dont think so.
because i dont feel happy. i dont feel right.

i feel like crying.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

whatever life.

2 more weeks, and it is the end of my semester 3!!
i mean, classes of semester 3 lar.
my final exam is cominggg!

my first paper is on the 30th oct. i have 2 papers on that day owkayyy...
german & ctu. how crazy is thaatttt?
and my last paper is on the 16th nov.

grreattt. because on the 17th, i have the rehearsal for our convocation.
and our convocation is on the 21st nov. wow weee!!
*clap**clap* *tears*~
i'm going to be a diploma holder..officially.

3 years studying for diploma..sangat worth it.

anyway, next week will be such a crazyyy weekk!
a lot of assignments to submit, presentations, tests, quizzes, my oral german test etc..
wah wah! i hate it.
and oh, not forgetting, journ's family day.
hoh. loongg overdue. not really into doing that event anymore.

second anyway, i gotta go now.
i have my online journalism meeting at khulafa with adda, aby & khaleeq.
(giler kan..meeting assignment kat kedai mamak..)