Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oh girl (me) just wanna have fun!

I don't know how is it people can update their blogs everyday?
Or even worse, once in a few hours!!
Omaigod, I can't compete with that.

there are lotsa things up in my sleeves and I can't even squeeze some time to update my own precious lil blog.
Sorry blog.
I've been abondoning you.

Anyways, I manage to update today because tomorrow is my off day! Only one day tho, but that's alright, I'm enjoying it!

Have I ever tell you that our off days are different?
We don't have fixed off days.
I'm entitled to have 11 off days per month, so I can choose whatever date that I want.
But my proposed off days are not confirmed. There will be changes.
Someone's in charge of that area and they will approve our off days.
So that's why it's different.

I know this month, we have lots of public holidays which falls on Friday, three weeks in a row!
Damn. How envious I am to those that are able enjoying their 3-days-off.
While I don't.

We're trying to run a newspaper and newspaper never gets an off day!
So we have to work, work and work.

Again, I'm sorry for being so busy and can't make it to our lepak sessions.
(Applies to the BFFs)
Sorry for not spending lots of time with you (minus the last "F")

Although a lot of people keeps on asking me about my workload at the office,
but I chose to not tell you in HERE.
Heck, I don't want to fall to those type of people that talks about their working life 24/7.

And most importantly,
I don't want to think about work when I read this blog.
So maybe just minor information is suffice, don't you think so?

Hence I know I've said it but I wanna say it again:
I'm off tomorrow!! And I'm going to Genting!
Super excited, wanna go there for a looongg time :)

PS: Was my birthday recently, and my post-celebration birthday party was awesome!
One of the best birthdays ever. Will upload the pictures when he passed it to me, supposedly tomorrow!

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Internship (so far).

Well, what more can I update about my life in here.
There's this one major thing that is happening right now.
Something that I'm putting my everything in.
The climax of using everything that I have learned these past few years.

It is nothing that I have expected. Way off actually. I thought I'm gonna have like a batch of interns coming in at the same time. I was totally wrong. It turns out, I am the ONLY intern there (at this moment).
Adapting was quite hard. This is a whole new environment for me. But whatever challenge brings, I know I have to be strong. Thankfully I have found a few colleagues/friends that I can rely on, willing to help me out, and be nice to me.
But the real challenge is of course when u are really at the field, doing assignments, getting information, back to office, type the news, send it and wait for the story to be cleared.
Office hours are unbalance. I know I don't expect myself to go home at 5pm everyday. But going home at 7pm is like a good bonus for me.

Every job has its pros and cons. Every job/everything that we do is tiring. So being very tired is normal. I do complain about the tiredness..A LOT! But only at home of course. Of course it sucks to have to wake up and go to bed early. But I take that as a positive side as I know I need to balance my sleeping hours. And it is balanced.

Believe it or not, although it has been only 6 days since I've start this internship, but the thought of quitting has crossed my mind a few times! I shouldered a huge burden of regret, I have a few reasons for the regret.
Everyday I always hope that everything will be smooth. I always hope that I can handle all of the obstacles. It's a tough job, so tough things awaits I'm sure.

I really appreciate those who always believe in me at times when I don't really have that lot of faith in myself. I know I'm always being negative, so I'm happy to be surrounded by the people that are very positive. I really need those type of people.
So to anyone who intends to drained all of my confidence are better not to be around me. I don't need it. Already have enough up in my sleeves.
Thank you and big kudos to My Family, My Boyfriend, My Bestfriends and to My Other-Selected-Friends who has been pouring all of their faith and positive energy at me. I am still standing because of them. So thank you so much and may God bless ALL of you, InsyaAllah.

I still have a long way to go, until end of March to be exact. So please dear kind people, pray for me.
(I may not be an active blogger right now due to other commitments which you already know what. So, I'll update when I have the time and the mood and the kerajinan.)

Thank You :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Love affairs; me and Nando's.

Nando's, finally.
After waiting for so long.
(ignore the dates btw, gambar ni dah lama)

Nyum-nyum, delicious ain't it? So appetizing, my favorite. Even posting bout this has make my mouth watered.

I went to eat Nando's with Intan yesterday, at Subang Parade. Because we have been wanting to eat there so badly, we can't even wait for the rest to join us since on that day they are not available. Monster kan kami?

I can't possibly say no to Nando's. You can invite me eat here anytime baybeh. Anytime.

My feathers are ruffled alright~

Haha, i can still post something in here while i really should be sleeping; since i have said my Goodnight to Anas just now :P Okay, this is for real, GOODNIGHT!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weddings; and how i love em!

14th November 2009
Today is Lina's 11th birthday party which is held at my house, just a small-last minute party since Lina seemed very excited wanna celebrate her birthday with her friends.

But since its very last minute, sadly i can't join and be at the party because i went to Tania's wedding (Anas's bestfriend) at Kemensah Heights.

Although it's raining heavily, but we managed to arrive just in time for the Akad. The pelamin and the tent is breathtakingly beautiful. The food was great, Anas enjoyed it very much since there's his favorite dish: Lamb.

I love weddings. My favorite part is during the Akad nikah and the groom is about to lafaz the Akad; that moment is like so precious. I love to look at the bride and we can see her anxious face and it will transform to relieved when her now-called-husband has successfully done his part. Auww sweet kan?

Tania looked so gorgeous, as always. And i was touched looking at Azril (her husband) shed tears of joy after the Akad and went to meet his family. Super sweet.

Wanna know something cooler and much more sweeter? Tania gave Azril the complete set of Twilight Saga as one of the hantaran.


I wonder, will my future husband shed a tear as well when i have finally become his wife? Haha, dream on!

To Tania and Azril,

Congratulations on your wedding day.
May both of you will be happy always and will love each other through thick and thin forever.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Almost the end.

Can u believe it? After almost 5 years in university, it has almost come to an end. And today, i have officially moved out from my rented house at PJ (Padang Jawa).

I don't know how i feel. Of course i'm happy and relieved, but most of it i feel like i'm dreaming. I was like, "Whaaat? Is this the end of my university/studying stage? Can't believe it!"

How time flies, huh?

The emotions that i feel when stepping out from Puncak Perdana is somewhat different this time. During the Puncak days, i feel really really sad because i really love that place. And the people there. And of course, my housemates.

I love Padang Jawa as well. But, it is not the same. The experience are not the same. The situation are not the same. The excitement are not the same. The people are not the same. The housemates ...are okay, but of course are not the same as well.

Degree. Wow. Almost done with it. Although i still have another semester to go, but it's my practical training, so technically i'm out from UiTM. (If i have passed this semester without any repeats!) Amin, InsyaAllah.

Few weeks back, is the toughest and challenging time for me. I've gone through a lot. A lot of pain, sadness, disbelief and a little joy. At that moment, i can see who is really my friend. A friend that i can depend and rely on. A friend that i can solely trust without any suspicion that THAT friend will stab me behind my back.

At that moment, i always wish that i want all of these workloads that tying me up in Shah Alam to be over, because i just can't stand living here any longer. And i want to pour out all my feelings in here just because i want them to know how i feel.

But now, as all of it has finally over, i don't think i want to reminisce with all of these things anymore. And i don't really want to know bout it. Just let it go, right? And learn from it!

So, i'm going to lay low for now and be as silent as i can with them (the people that i have problems with). It's enough for now - contacting them - just make my heart ache.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Come home.

I miss my friends.
Really wanna meet them, soon!

Ohmaigod, cepat lar semua ni habis! Wanting for that moment. Can't wait to get outta here. Want to forget all of these workloads, and i just want to have my moment of peace. Plainly, as simple as that.

And oh, my dear sweetie friend that i've missed so much is coming home, to Malaysia, for good! I'm happy. Lama tak jumpa dia.

Anis Syahirah.

This is her, before she went to Aussie. Gambar ni dah lama. She's much much hotter now and of course, HAPPIER! *wink.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Time will tell ey?

On 24th October, me and Intan went to our ex-schoolmate/ex-classmate's wedding. Like so hard to believe - seeing my own friend; a friend that i used to be real close with, are actually getting married! Her name is Nur Badriah, and she is my classmate when i was in Form 2.

(L-R) Pn Sasni + daughter, Zetty, Badriah + Hubby, me, Intan, Farah

There, i have met a few long lost friends: Farah Atiqah, Fidaie, Zetty, Huda, Zainorhana, Akmar etc, and also ex-teacher: Pn Sasniwati!
Chit-chatting with Farah and Zetty is so informative; they have all the details! More surprisingly, Huda are married as well. And to add it up, she have two adorable kids! I was like, wtf?! When did that happen??

The girl in white is Huda, with her 4-month-old daughter :)

Hilarious, you know. Its hilarious when some of them approach me and ask, "Wei, kau dah kahwin ke?" Hahaha.
I'm happy because they have gotten to that 'level', but how envious i am when most of them already have their own income! While me, Intan and Zetty are still struggling with all of the studying.

Zetty; who used to sit beside me in class :)

How am i gonna compete with that?
  1. Working
  2. Marriage
  3. Kid(s)
Soon. Soon. InsyaAllah.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Where's my rainbow?

i am trying to look at the bright side, but i can't see the light.
where are you, dear light?
show yourself.

i need you. seriously.

Monday, October 19, 2009


i hate being in this situation.
i hate all of these workloads; because it has successfully transformed me into a moody and overly sensitive person.
and i hate that.

i hate having to feel annoyed and pissed off with YOU almost everyday over some little stuff.

i hate-i hate-i hate.
ugh :'(

Thursday, October 15, 2009

sadness :(

Today Bah and Mama balik Terengganu until the end of this weekend.
Ada a few things yang perlu diselesaikan.

Ughhh, baru aje macam nak ber-escapism ke Subang hari Sabtu/Ahad ni. Alih-alih takde orang kat rumah, what's the point? Stuck in Shah Alam la jawabnya.

Rindu Mama already :'(

But whatever it is, I hope they will have a very safe safe SAFE journey. AMIN.
Come on people, pray with me as well.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not so perfect half-day.

Patutnya pagi tadi ada interview dengan wakil organization untuk assignment Investigative Reporting. Beriya-iya aje lar semalam Aizat cakap by 7 kena gerak; sebab belum construct questions lagi. Tapi aku tahu, takde maknanye nak gerak pukul 7. Paling lewat pun mesti dalam pukul 8, sebab appointment pukul 9. Aku pun dengan semangatnya suruh Intan kejutkan aku after dia sudah mandi sume..demimu interview! Pukul 7 aku dah bangun, tapi tidur balik, dalam 7.15 baru masuk toilet. Sudah mandi, segar bugar, dah siap-siap sume, tinggal nak gosok baju aje, tiba-tiba hp aku bunyi: ada message masuk. Aku tengok jam, dah 7.50am. Aku fikir diorang ni dah sampai ke? Maaatiiii laaaaa.

Message dari Aby. Dia cakap interview tu postpone ke time lain, maybe dalam malam. Petang-petang sikit baru wakil organization tu confirmkan. (Siap baca 2kali lagi message Aby yang panjang lebar tu, sebab tak percaya.)

Aku dah macam demmmittttt lar! Aku dah bangun kot. Dah mandi pulak. Dah nak siap pun. Hish. Rugi rugi. Rugi time tidur aku. Dah la kelas aku pukul 2. Ado aku nak bangun pukul 7 kalau kelas pukul 2? Memang dalam mimpi weiiiiii. Isk.

Aku pun dengan hati penuh hampa, terus tukar ke baju duk rumah semula dan sambung baring semula. Sekarang dah pukul 12.02 tghari; rasa-rasa boleh ke aku sambung tidur tadi? Memang sah-sah tak dapat la kan... Aku susah nak lelap semula bila dah bangun ni.

Dan sekarang, aku dah sangat bad mood dan pening kepala dek kerana tak cukup tidur dan ditambah lagi ke-badmood-an sebab sakit gusi + gigi pulak. Nak telan pun sakit, nak bercakap pun macam pelik rasa. Macam mana aku nak ber presentation petang ni kelas Intercultural Comm? Redha aje lah makcik.

Haih. Nasib badan yang dah makin kembang ni.
Petunjuk dari Allah SWT kot? Ye la, duk sibuk cakap diri dah gemuk and nak diet la 'kononnya', kan sekarang mulut dah sakit takleh telan pape. Sorry perut, malas la nak menanggung sakit bila makan. Aku isi kau dengan air aje okay. Boleh tahan punya kan, untuk harini aje.

Ish. Dah 12.26 tghari. Cuba lelap kejap lar. Berat sangat kepala ni.

Friday, September 25, 2009

When Grey's Anatomy and AAR are so appealing to me right now.

Siapa ada the whole latest season of Greys Anatomy? I want lar.
Been missing out a lot these days.
And i don't really know how to download it myself. (Either i don't know or i'm lazy to wait, haha)
Either way, i have tried to download and have failed and i am at the wits end.
So please all of you wonderful people, help me can?

BEP concert is on tonight and i didn't go coz it's so near with Eid.
Beyonce? Umm am i really into Beyonce? So-so lar.
But i've been really excited with AAR. Really wanna go.
Please-please-please my schedule is clear on the 10th.

Anyone that can give me free tickets are SO welcome to do so. For 2 please, hihi.

I know assignments are like sangat crazy right now. But hey, i need to chill as well right? Like people always said 'Entertainment is escapism'. Oh yes i agree. I need my sweet escape so that i can ber-"swing swing swing"!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Salam Lebaran.

Saya seorang aje ke yang rasa puasa tahun ini sangat cepat berlalu?
Rasa macam baru aje lagi saya duk liat nak bangun sahur masa first day puasa.
Dan semalam sudah kali terakhir bersahur. Wow.

Raya tahun ni boleh tahan ala kadar sahaja, takde nak grand sangat pun.
Kurang meriah sikit, sebab beraya di Subang Jaya sahaja. Tak balik Terengganu tahun ni.
Exact reason why: I have no idea.
Tapi semua macam, "Raya kat Subang aje lah tahun ni." Dan terus setuju.

As always, last minute shopping tu memang wajib.
Sejak study kat UiTM ni, tak pernah sempat nak tempah baju atau planning betul-betul pergi beli baju raya. Sentiasa terpaling last minute.
Tapi tahun ni, special sikit. Sebab first time pergi beli baju raya dengan Anas.
Ahah, i am not that fussy so segala urusan jual beli sangat pantas dan berjalan lancar.
About one hour dah beli sepasang baju kurung. Malas nak bersesak-sesak weiiii, bikin kepala pusing aje.

Anyway, ESOK RAYA! (supposedly. Kena tunggu pengumuman malam ni. Atau, dah umum ke malam tadi? Hoho, tak perasan.)
Bila dah akhir-akhir puasa ni barulah terasa sikit semangat nak raya tu. Masa kat Shah Alam memang takde rasa langsung.
Gonna have a tiring and busy day today. Banyak benda yang perlu di-settle.

But before that, i wanna wish you all:

Maaf Zahir dan Batin; andaikata ada salah silap dan terkasar bahasa.

Footnote (untuk Ahmad Anas) :
I miss you so much. Take care and have fun kat Kelantan :D

Friday, September 11, 2009

Barn Buddy.

argh stress!!!


Tolong la saya ni, saya mahu dapat anjing.

i dont like youuuuuuuuuu.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Oh life!

Omg omg, menyampahnya bila time hujung semester macam ni.
Kerja menimbun, ya ampun!
The song 'Lalala Kerjalah' suits me very well in this situation.
Bosan dengan kerja...Hari-hari kerja...Ugh.
So whenever i have the time to escape from all of these madness, i will always accept and grab the opportunity. Because once in a while, my brain needs its rest too. So give it a break!

Come on genius out there, invent a time machine for me will ya?
So that i can pass all of these workloads and snap me back until i've graduate, haha boleh?
As in right now, nak praktikal pun rasa takut yang amat.

I got a feeling; and i'm hating this feeling!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saya ada bukti!

mahu bukti tak yang boyfriend saya sangat sporting??

ini buktinya:

told you.
ahahhaaha! *gelak guling-guling*

Happy Fasting!

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak!
buat semua rakan-rakan.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pictures! Gambar! Das Foto!

The beautiful Mickey Mouse birthday cake.
Nor Izz Zahirah: The birthday girl!
Meera and Ain.
Monster Haiqal.

Handsome boy Haris Firdaus!
This is my present! Cute tak?
Thanks for the assistance to pick up the dress Adda & Amai!
Our super duper special guests that day. (haha)
Cute kan cupcake Little Miss ni?
Dee's present to Kak Zizi & Izz.
Me. Kak Eleen. Dee
Abdullah's angels come on!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


its official.
hardisk tak boleh diselamatkan.

bubye gambar.
bubye assignments.
bubye kenangan.

okay, bye. nak ber-bad mood sekarang.

ps: can somebody tolong ajar me camne nak tukar template blog ni? tak reti lahhhh~

Moment like this :)

Hm. Sedar tak sekarang sudah tahun 2009? Selalu sangat rasa cepatnya masa berlalu.

My blog ni dah nak masuk 2 tahun dah. Hello kiddo! Thank God i didn't delete you, all of my sweet sweet memories are in here. From the time when i am still struggling trying to finish my Diploma, up until now.

Ceh, bila hardisk laptop dah rosak, and kemungkinan untuk semua document untuk hilang itu sangat tinggi, baru lah nak appreciate blog kan. Hampeh punya Sarah :P

Anyway, hari Ahad lepas me and Anas pergi birthday party Izz kat rumah Kak Zizi @ Bukit Jelutong. She is 2 years old, auww so cute tengok dia admiring her Mickey Mouse birthday cake and running around the porch chasing the bubbles. Cepat sungguh dia membesar kan?

Walaupun sangat excited nak pergi party tu & gather dengan my family but i feel nervous at the same time. Harus la kan, first time nak introduce Anas kat family. Mana tak nervous? Thank God dia dah pernah jumpa Mama, Bah and Dee so rasa nervous tu kurang sikit lar.

But everything went well, Anas sangat pandai bergaul and dia boleh borak dengan sesiapa aje. Part itu, sangat melegakan.

Why is it such a big deal to me? Because that is the first time, i introduce my boyfriend to my family. Nuff said.

I'm waiting for my sisters to upload the birthday party pic at facebook, then baru lah boleh upload sekeping dua kat blog ni kan. Just to share one my best moment in my life to all of you :)

And to Ahmad Anas, thank you so much coz willing to come to the party although i'm sure you're tired sebab ada modul before that. Thanks for accepting my family and for being so sporting that day! Heart you, xoxo.

Friday, July 31, 2009

mengapaaa kau pergii?

currently watching: Freaky Friday @ TV3
sangat suke lagu Happy Together ni. ( + Chad Michael Murray, nyummy!)

hari ini saya sangat down.
laptopku yang aku sudah bagi dia pelepasan bercuti selama 3 minggu, ingin berpisah dari aku lagi.


sangat stressful okay, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan.

adakah ini petanda bahawa sudah tiba masanya untuk aku beli laptop baru?
Papa Gulale, tamau belikan untuk saya? :))

haih, tapi actually kan laptop lama atau baru, semua itu tidak penting.
segala document dalamnya tu lah yang terpaling penting sekaliiiii.
please, save the documents please.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

kita bersama mengejar mimpi...

aku tak suka bila dah lama tak update blog.
sebab dalam masa tu ada banyak sangat benda dah berlaku yang aku sangat nak cerita kat sini tapi aku tak tahu nak mula yang mana satu dulu.
pastu kesudahannya, aku akan rasa malas yang amat nak fikir pastu tak cerita apa-apa pun kat sini.
dibiarkan aje semua cerita tu terus melekat dalam memori otak aku ni.

bongok sehhh~

anywayyyy, aku ada reason yang sangat cantek kenapa aku malas sangat nak update sejak kelas start ni.
kerana kekasihku selama 4 tahun yang bernama Toshiba telah pergi BERCUTI selama 3 minggu untuk MENGOSONGKAN segala masalah-masalah di dalam dirinya.
lama gila kan? memang banyak masalah pun dia tu.

ada la jugak aku menumpang kekasih orang lain, tetapi feel untuk berblogging tu tak sama lar, sebab tu posting sebelum ni pendek aje.

rasa lost gila tau bila laptop takde ni, semua kerja tak jalan. manusia sekarang memang sangat bergantung pada teknologi kan. no question bout that la kan, rasanya semua orang pun setuju dalam hal ni.

TERIMA KASIH kepada UiTM kerana mempercepatkan cuti kami, disebabkan itu cuti raya kami terpaksa dipotong dan aku tak dapat nak balik Terengganu untuk raya.

cuti-cuti pun aku terpaksa pergi fakulti, memang aku sukeeee sangat! pfffttttt.
tapi nak buat camne la kan, dah terpaksa.

H1N1, blah cepat-cepat boleh?!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

mein freund.

a friend in need is a friend indeed.

its so hard to find that type of friend nowadays.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Dreading for it.

Class starts in 2 days!
Omg! Dah bulan Julai dah?
Rasa macam baru aje lagi aku ber-merdeka dengan Alin, Ninie, Amai & Ema sampai malam lepas habis paper Interpersonal Comm bulan Mei lalu.
2 bulan dah berlalu rupanya. Haih.

Kat Dataran Shah Alam

Entah la, ada yang excited nak start kelas, ada yang tak sabar-sabar.
But as for me, i'm not ready yet. Seriously.
Risau la. Risau dengan kesibukan & lambakan kerja yang melanda.
And i'm serious with the 'lambakan kerja' part.

Dan agak sedih jugak.
Sebab next sem adalah sem terakhir kat fakulti. (technically)
Because part 6 dah start praktikal; tapi belum decide lagi nak praktikal katne. (so stop asking me that question you guys.)

Well anyway, belum decide lagi jugak nak balik bila. Everything is undecided right now. Its a sign kan that i'm still not ready?
Whatever it is, class starts on monday and i have German class that day at 2 pm!
My goodness, monday blues and i'm gonna start the week with kepeningan belajar German, sebab dah 2 bulan tak selak-selak buku German ni.
What a way to make me excited.
Go figure!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A crisis inside.

life doesn't look so good right now, and i feel so frustrated.
there's a part of me feels like i am still not good enough; for myself or for everyone around me.
no matter how hard i'll try, it will never go away isn't it?

but i am still hoping and believing that everything will turned out okay.

and if it doesn't, well...
life is short and sucks a lot!
so everyone including myself should just deal and get on with it. right?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

worth every cent :)

although everyone have said it, and everyone have posted bout it at their blogs or facebook, i wanna say it too, i don't care!


and i'm serious.
although i don't really remember the first one, but it doesn't really matter pun, sebab still boleh faham.
i love the actions. i love everything about the movie, from the beginning until the end.
nuff said.

and fariza & anas was right, memang sanggup keluarkan duit lagi sekali just to watch the movie for the second time. serious wey.
2 hours & a half, for a movie this good, so worth it!

and josh duhamel, sangat mouth watering okay. fergie, you are so luckyyy.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

wanna know what i LOVE to eat right now?



my wajib makanan kudapan at the moment :)
simply nyummylicious!

Khas buat Cik Adda.

1. Apakah benda terakhir yang kamu beli dengan wang sendiri??
- Hm, milkshake McD kot.

2. Apakah benda paling penting dlm hidup kamu?
- Buat masa sekarang ni..AIRRRRRR. Air kat rumah ni kejap ada, kejap takde lar. Aish, stress!

3. Dimanakah tempat impian perkahwinan kamu??
- Honestly? Kat Dewan Felda Semarak tuh. (Tak tahu nama betulnya aper, haha lebih kurang la tuh)

4. Berapa lama hubungan kamu berkekalan?
- Dengan siapa? *grin*

5. Adakah anda sedang dilamun cinta??
- Haha :))) tak nampak saya tengah sengih lebar nih?

6. Dimanakah restoran terakhir kamu makan malam??
- Makan malam? Haha takde mana-mana, di rumah sahaja..mama's cooking bebeh!

7. Namakan buku terakhir yang kamu beli?
- Ahaa buku ye..CLEO..boleh?

8. Apakah nama penuh kamu??
- Nor Sarah Fatihah binti Abdullah.

9. Kamu lebih senang dengan ayah atau mak??
- Mama, confirm!

10. Namakan seseorang yang ingin kamu jumpa dalam hidup kamu buat pertama kalinya??
- The usual ones: David Cook & Brendon Urie. :D

11. Sebutkan 8 nama sahabat yang paling rapat dengan kamu.
- Afidah
- Intan
- Anas
- Farah
- Hazwani
- Izni
- Adda
- Amai

12. Adakah kamu mencuci pakaian sendiri??
- Hehe, bila kat rumah sewa je :)

13. Tempat yang paling seronok yang kamu mahu pergi?
- Nak pergi Disneyland!!!!! Nak, nak, nak, nak!

14. Butirkan 5 perkara tentang orang yang tag kamu.
= Noor Syuhada Naziri
1) Tinggi
2) Tak suka nasi
3) Tak suka makan pedas yang berunsurkan cili
4) Cantik :)
5) Pandai mekap!

15. 8 perkara yang amat saya gilai
- Makan makanan yang best-best.
- Pergi jalan-jalan kat tempat yang belum pernah pergi.
- Tidur..uuyeahh best!
- Ber-sms dan bergayut.
- Tengok TV
- Suka kalau orang bagi hadiah! (Siapa tak, kan?)
- Baring, sambil baca magazine atau novel.
- Main airrrrr. Sejuk! Brrrr.

16. Pelukan atau ciuman??
- Oh, kena pilih salah satu ey? Kalau nak dua-dua tak boleh ke?

17. 8 perkataan yang sering diucapkan
- Nape? Nape?
- Hekelehhhhh!
- Lamaaaa lagi.
- Wah gituuu.
- Hahahahahaha (Perkataan ke tuh?)
- Olrite!
- ** Ader 6 jer. Boleh lahh..

18. 8 buah buku yang paling baru di baca
- Twilight (ulang kali baca yang ntah ke berapa ribu dah)
- Mastika (Mama punya lah!)
- Mingguan Wanita (hehe, kak eleen punye.)
- OK!
- Hello!
- Sundays At Tiffany's (tak best sangat bukunyer)
- Can You Keep A Secret (my 4th time reading this book masa cuti ni SAHAJA!)
- Lifestyle.
** Okay, bukan buku la secara kesimpulannya. Mostly magazine ajer.hehe

19. 8 lagu yang saya boleh dengar berulang kali??
- Thinking Of You - Katy Perry
- Anggun - BAU
- Gives You Hell - All American Rejects (AAR)
- Nine in the Afternoon - Panic at the Disco
- The Climb - Miley Cyrus (haha, what can i say. lagu ni best aperrr)
- If You Seek Amy - Britney Spears
- Seribu Tahun - Imran Ajmain (i love him!! lantak lar ;D)
- Cruel To Be Kind - Letters to CLEO

20. Mari men'TAG' 8 orang lain...
Aha, saya menTAG:
- Intan Nadiana
- Afidah Wahab
- Farah Ramli

**korang buat kat notes FB tu yer! =)

Monday, June 15, 2009

the holiday so far.

wahhh, 2 weeks of not updating this blog. crazieeee!
well, everyone have their moment of kerajinan and kemalasan.
and i had mine.

my holiday was quite alright. i dont do much, ada lar keluar here and there but i stayed at home most of the time. and i'm enjoying every second of it.

hanging out with the girls is something that i am always look forward to. lepak-lepak, makan-makan, tengok wayang and ada a few agendas that will be done soon is always always entertaining and fun. i love spending time with them, i love chatting with them, i love gossiping with them, i love laughing like crazy with them. pendek kata, anything that i do that have them in the picture, i will always always love!

celebratory dinner for farah and fatin.

i'm glad because the girls dah jumpa anas. (except haz.) although belum ada opportunity to lepak properly and get to know betul-betul but at least dah jumpa kan, and i'm happy. nanti la, we'll arrange something. what can i say, me myself pun dah 2 minggu tak jumpa and i miss you like crazy, tahu? =)

balik Terengganu haritu (4th - 10th June) because of kenduri, my cousins' wedding. standard la kan, nama pun cuti sekolah. only one word for the whole trip: PENAT! everyday is so tiring for me, u know, kenduri ala kampung, everything is gotong royong kan. with the hot hot weather, aih. but whatever it is, i had fun too! went to Taman Tamadun Islam is definitely very exciting and i am so mesmerized with all of the monuments. love it!

last saturday, i joined the bowling tournament under XMC (X Masscomm) group with Farah, Amy, Syahmi and Bob at Pin Junction, Cineleisure. okay, i am not a pro when it comes to bowling, the ball always want to visit the 'longkang' most of the time. so when i heard that we cant pick our team mates sebab nak mengeratkan silaturrahim, the organizer will randomly pick our names and assigned us to the lanes, i was hesitant to join for a while. i'm scared! what if all of them are a pro? i will be such a loser. but then, i dont care. its not about winning right? its about having a good time. so, out of 14 lanes, mine is number 12. my team mates are abg hasri, abg zul and balqis who is btw only 14 but she is taller than me!!

Abg Hasri, Balqis, Sarah, Abg Zul

we have to play 2 games and abg zul sangat terror! he gets strike most of the time and he is the main contributor for our scores. same goes to abg hasri. but, i wanna give credit to myself as well because i get strike a few times too! haha not much of a juara longkang kan?

and guess what? our group, the Budak-Budak Cute won 2nd place! Yeay, haha. it was seriously unexpected. i was a bit blur when they announced our names. farah practically have to shout "Pergilah, Sarah!!" because i was still sitting down and keep on asking "Kitorang ke?" hahaha.

Group photo. Say XMC!!

yeah well, i'm glad i decided to get on with it. because that day has become one of the sweetest memory in my life! special thanks to the organizers, the sponsors, and of course my team mates because i'm having the best time in my life, xoxo!

Monday, June 1, 2009

A congratulation speech.

ok, not so much of a speech lar..but,

I wanna wish CONGRATULATIONS!!! to Ahmad Anas for his Diploma convocation which will be held today at noon.
Finally a Diploma holder, after 3 years of hard work trying to achieve the very best.
You deserve it yang.

Dont ever give up, try harder and even better for your Degree.
I know you can do it. In fact, lets do it together :)

I am so proud of you, tahu?

* I know i have wished this to you, but me secara gediknya want to wish you again! Boleh kan. Tak salah kan, sayang? (And i know you will say, "Tak salah.")

i love you and i miss you so much!

Friday, May 22, 2009


you know what i hate most about holidays?
i eat..a lot!
and currently my number 1 enemy is the weight scale.
it is also what i fear most at the moment.

kalau setiap kali makan, aku tambah nasi 2 kali,
i wonder what will i look like when class starts in July.
itu baru nasi, belum termasuk lagi segala sesi kudapan dan mengunyah segala makanan yang ada atas meja tu.
sarah akan menjadi sangat montel okay.

to top it off, i'm going back to Terengganu next month so its going to be a fiesta of great food.
kenduri-kendara, makan nasi orang kahwin.
and i will not have the strength to resist any of it.

i'm worried, you know.
but aside of the fact that i am worried, i dont seem to really care.

because...bila kita happy, kita makan.
dan bila kita ada selera, pun kita makan.
bila kita stress, kita makan juga.
sama juga la bila kita marah.
nikmat makan tu memang tak boleh challenge lar.

*sigh* *sigh*
makan aje lar.
dan jangan terkejut ye rakan-rakan bila jumpa kembali di fakulti nanti!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


So anyways, yea, its final. i am not going to Fatin's engagement ceremony.
Such a bummer, because i really-really-really wanna go.
But its okay, because i will definitely attend her WEDDING.

BUT, i'm going to have such a wonderful week!
Because, my beloved brother & family is comingggg to Subangggg tomorrow!

I miss my Abang, I miss Kak Nita, I miss my cutie pie Aireel, I miss my adorable Yaya, so much!
I wanna see them.
Abang cakap Yaya dah boleh berjalan, dah boleh panjat pagar pun.
Advance sungguh, she's not even 1 yet..but going to be next month lar. But still,..

Yayayaya :)

By the time i woke up tomorrow, they will already arrive! (Considering i do tend to woke up Quite late nowadays, hihi)
Hey, give me a break okay. Its my holiday.

And on the same day with Fatin's engagement, is Kak Nita's birthday (1605). It's Teacher's Day btw.
So Mama plan nak buat nasi minyak. Dan as usual, saya akan ditugaskan untuk memotong itu ini.hoho, not that i'm complaining la kan.

Omg, this posting is really not relevant to you people. But this is relevant and important to me. Because in the future i will read back all of my posting, and i will remember this posting and will smile because of it.
So i hope you guys can feel the excitement that i felt, and share my happiness as well.

xoxo, cheerios!!~

Monday, May 11, 2009

The End.

Finals dah HABISSSSS!
Ingatkan tanak habis-habis lagi.

Dan sekarang,
saya berada di Subang Jaya yang tercinta
menikmati masa cuti saya sepuas-puasnya!


I deserve a holiday okay. I deserve a rest.

As a matter of fact,
All of you UiTM students really need the holiday and the rest.

Jadi, Selamat Bercuti you all !!

Oh, 16hb Mei ini, kawan kesayanganku Cik Fatin Izaty mahu bertunang.
OMG! Rakan seperjuanganku, housemate ku di Puncak tuuuu..
But up until now, chances untuk attend majlis pertunangan dia masih samar-samar.
Kat Batu Pahat kot.

Fatin Datin

Haih, kecewa.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

tan tin tun, keladi wa-wa

Posting ini di dedikasi khas buat seorang rakan karibku yang terchenta,


yang merajuk sebab aku tak rindukan dia.haha

Intanna, final ko dah habis kot. Nape nak emo??
Tapikan wei,


walaupun baru sehari ko tinggalkan aku kt shah alam, dan balik subang.
arini aku dah rindu ko.

Sebelah kanan aku kosong je time tido. Dah takde orang nak ceroboh territory tilam aku.
=) rindu ko.

Aku balik subang kang, kita jumpa okay.
Esok last paper nih, pastu boleh baliiiikkkk!!

Dah dah, senyum skettt majnun?
sayang ko.

gambar tahun 2005.hahaha

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Senyumlah, senyumlah.

Selesailah sudah paper Media Law yang bagi aku cukup mengazabkan!
Masa tengah duk gigih menghafal segala terms dan akta yang berbagai tu, baru aku sedar...
Ada hikmahnya kenapa aku tak diterima ke Fakulti Law, walaupun course tu merupakan pilihan ke-7 dalam list UPU aku.

Sama la jugak dengan last week, masa tengah study untuk paper Business & Economic Reporting. Aku bersyukur sangat sebab aku tak masuk Fakulti Business, walaupun course tu pilihan ke-3 aku.
Memang aku tak layak pun, minat pun takde.

Thank you Allah SWT. Dia sahaja yang tahu kemampuan hambaNya ini.

Jadi sekarang ini, for the past 2 papers tu, aku akan tawakal sahaja lah. Dah lepas kan, so just put it in the past. Stop reminiscing, stop regretting for not studying harder.
But i will definitely try my very best for my next 2 papers.
Quite stressed out, sebab final habis lambat. 10 May baru officially OVER.
dammit, benci benci benci.

i miss home. i miss my family. i miss my friends. (excluding intan)
i miss-i miss-i miss!

tak kira, cuti ni, i wanna get on with all my plans that i had already planned with the besties.
the plans had been delayed for quite some time now.
its time to make it work!

My 2-months-holiday,
Engkau, mari sini cepat!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Doctor Love, anyone?

a statement that i like:

"To find the Right One, you will stumble through a few Wrong Ones."

why do i like this statement?
because its true.

because you will never know,
maybe today you are left heartbroken,
or you may think that you are unlucky when it comes to Love,...

but also, maybe tomorrow you will meet someone that will change your life forever,
someone that you want to spend your life with.

you will never know right.

so, just be patient.
and dont ever ever ever give up, with Love.

Yours Truly,
Sarah the Doctor Love.
:P haha.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

para penonton, mari sini!

rakan-rakan yang dikasihi,
sila klik link ini.

haha, see.....
Jason Mraz pun guna word procrastinate tau.
omg abang Mraz, we SOOOO have something in common about the procrastinate thingy.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Syok sendiri.

aku di tag oleh incik aidil. selepas dah berkurun lamanye. aduyai, ampun ya.

1. Letakkan gambar profile anda.

omg, malu sehh.. hahaha!!

2. Terangkan apa maksud gambar itu.
Secara jujurnya, takde maksud pun. Haha itu lah akibatnya bila terlalu kebosanan melepak dalam bilik. Gini lah jadinye, meng-vain-kan diri la jawabnye.

3. Kenapa pilih atau letak gambar itu.
Sebab nampak comel? Duh... Haha, tak tak tak, gurau je. I am not THAT perasan okay. Entah la, tapi memang suka la gambar ni. Maybe sebab ada Patrick kot, menambahkan lagi kecomelan. :P

4. Tag 5 blogger.
Nak tag 2 je boleh? Dengan ini, NAJIB dan IRMALIZA di tag! :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

A student in need of a good holiday.

Nama saya Sarah.

Dan saya, teramat sangatlah
S T R E S S !!!

I was wondering.
Study week is a week to study or a week to still dealing with assignments?
If i have to deal with all of these assignments, then when the hell am i supposed to study?
(Huit, nak layan subjek kau je memang aku tak larat la wei.)
Or at least have a rest?
My body and mind?

Questions as simple as that, i just can't find a way to answer.

Date final aku lambat lagi, tapi still kena balik Shah Alam sebab nak submit assignment.
Ugh! Benci Benci Benci Benci Benci Benci.

Semester Empat, Kau Boleh Belah.
I hate you.

Thank God Tomorrow Is Friday, and i'm gonna watch 2 movies in a row!
Take that, assignments!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Note to self:

Dilarang call any delivery services menggunakan handphone anda sendiri.
Kemungkinan untuk anda diganggu oleh orang delivery berkenaan amatlah tinggi.

Unless, anda memang mahu di-ngorat oleh mereka.

Tapi apa-apa pun, please lah get a life.
That is soooo high school !!

Budak-budak sekolah menengah zaman sekarang pun dah UP kot.

ps: thanks to najib, lagu jai ho (PCD) dah melekat dalam kepala otak aku nih.
hahaha, stress tengok body nicole!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

its 4.30pm and ada lagi 5 orang yang belum present.
kelas patutnya habis kul 4 la weiiii.
ugh. penat rasa badan nak menunggu.
sabar aje la, memikirkan kul 5 kang ada class party!
so boleh la makan-makan.


so here i am, kat lab, duduk belakang sekali..dengan amoi.
ceria la sket petang aku ni.
duk main game monopoly spongebob, dengar lagu german, kacau aidil & shahril kat ym, amik gambar and video vain kat webcam..haha
takde lar rasa bosan sangat. hihi

this is the last Advanced Reporting class under Pn Siti Zabedah.
wah, heaven sangat rasa.
tapi, bersedia lah untuk jumpa dia lagi next sem dengan dua subjek yang lebih mencabarrr dan dengan bebanan kerja yang confirm lebih banyak!
sabar je la nok!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sekapur Sireh moment. =)

I am so happy! Why?
Because we are finally done with all of our Broadcast Journalism assignments.
Mind you, this subject is tough. Very tough.
Assignments that need you to do outing, going here and there, and for our final project; the TV news production.
I hate dealing with the technical parts, for me, it is sooo melecehkan.
But i have to admit, its a great learning process for us, it is a good experience.

So, a million of thank yous and kudos to Anis who helped us a lot through out the TV news production assignment and of course, to all of our friends especially from the Broadcasting people (Haar, Cacak, Fikri, Am, Patrick, and Ipin) and Ben for helping us.
Gosh. We really need each other in this field, kan?
Or is it only us who need the Broadcasting people? hihi
All in all, thanks korang.

And of course, not forgetting to my ahmad anas who is always there for me, whenever i needed him. I appreciate it a lot sayang. He's my positive energy who will calm me, since i tend to feel the pressure easily; so i really need it. I need him, he's the yin to my yang.

To conclude,
i now know that i dont have any talent whatsoever being the newscaster because i dont look good in front of the camera.
and plus, i hate wearing make-up.


But whatever it is, i love my group!! I love my groupmates aka my housemates.

Our teamwork is excellent. Sayang korang bangat oh. :-*

Friday, March 27, 2009


mama call tadi.
i knew it mesti ada something sebab mama tak akan interrupt during class hours.
and yes, betul la tuh. mama called to ask me if i want to go home today sebab abang datang tidur rumah and diorang nak makan-makan satu family lah.
kiranya, all complete la kan. all of my siblings.

of course i want to go home! of course i want to spend time with my family, especially with abang.
of course i can't. because of class.

i am so annoyed. and sad at the same time, of course.
i can't even talk about it, with anyone.
sedih betul.

but it's fine. just fine.
maybe some other time la kan.
i need to be positive. *deep breaths*


My only Abang.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

immature dude.

i hate immature people (read: guys)
penat oh nak layan kau punya emosi.
i have to watch my words very carefully even when i was joking or a bit lawak kasar pun kau nak sentap.
susah oh gini. takkan aku nak kena berperempuan melayu terakhir, cakap lembut-lembut, sengih-sengih aje?
kau pun berlawak kasar kot!
takde pulak aku nak sentap.

ugh, grow up my friend!
can you do that?
shitto, its not that hard.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Akademi Fantasia

i'm going home tomorrow! subang jaya, here i come!!
weeee, although for just a day but i dont care as long as i get to see my family; mama especially, my house, my room, my bed, my mama's cooking, and of course..ASTRO!

why astro?
i already discuss this with mama, and she excitedly agree with me. which is, we want to watch
Konsert Akademi Fantasia! hahaha.
its the second concert, btw. and i dont really keep track of this season's show because firstly, we dont have astro at our rental home here in PJ and secondly, we dont even have the time to watch the show; all of it including the Diary.

yeah yeah, u can shake your head all you want, go on and say 'gile hampeh budak ni' for watching AF but this is the entertainment that i share together with all of my family. and this kind of moment do not come often, so i will enjoy it and appreciate it as much as i can.
and i dont care what u people think.

the most important thing is:
i'm going home tomorrow!!!

sayang, happy one month!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

whatever title.

so yea, we are officially done with the program anak angkat. yeeehaaa!
alhamdulillah. i'm waiting for the post-mortem. moga ada la wei.
ada la-ada la-ada la.

ingat tak aku ada cakap yang aku agak relax dengan post biro kebersihan tu?
dang! i was so wrong!
banyak kerja jugak rupanye. benda yang patutnya tak jadi stress pun boleh jadi stress.
especially bila ada interference oleh pihak-pihak lain yang tatau nak handle kerja sendiri tapi nak sibuk-sibuk kat bahagian kita lak. macam harammmm.
and ended up, apa jadi?
ambik kau..padan muka dilaser oleh ketua aku encik najib tu.
nasib la wei, salah orang la kau nak cari pasal. seumur hidup ko akan dilahar oleh kitaorang.

anyhoo, i had fun. although if to compare, of course i enjoyed my diploma anak angkat more than this one but whatever, i appreciate every moment of it.
i played ping-pong for the first time, siap kena baik punya bola tu kat muka sorang hamba Allah ni akibat pukulan aku yang maha kuat. sorry ye hihi.
kulit terbakar gile-gile punye akibat berjemur tengah panas untuk sukaneka: masuk game perah span & tiup tepung, walaupun kalah but nevermind, i'm enjoying myself playing those games with friends altogether with the kids from parit mahang.
and of course, i made new friends. the kind of people that i never imagine i can share a laughter and conversation with, and with a few who i have to admit before this pernah dikutuk olehku, but balik dari program tu siap boleh bertegur sapa and bergelak ketawa lagi everytime bertembung. and thats the good thing, kan?
masscomm is such a small faculty, so just be friends with everyone la kan.

next, i went to mocca concert at laman budaya yesterday with ninie, amai, hafiz, zatil & nadia.
it was awesome!! best sangat-sangat-sangat.
i never thought that i will enjoy myself but surprisingly, i did.
although i was a bit worried and distracted at first with my midterm test the next day and my poor health but when mocca started their performance, i was so mesmerized that i tend to let go for a while all of the burden that i shouldered. haha.
well, people did say entertainment is escapism right.
so true, definitely.

Friday, March 13, 2009

missing you.

off to kampung parit mahang this evening until sunday for our program anak angkat. i dont know how i feel right now, i am not that excited but i guess i should just enjoy myself and get on with it because it is still part of my assignment. i dont really feel the pressure because i'm just the Biro Kebersihan & Keceriaan so its a bit laid back as compared to during anak angkat at sri cheding where i'm the Biro Protokol..gosh, a lot of stress and salah faham back then.

so yea people, pray for us okay.
moga kami semua selamat pergi dan pulang.

i'll be missing my family so much, after this i dunno if i'll have the opportunity go back home, because it is quite pack with assignments, shooting and all.
its okay, study break is coming and i am definitely going home.

and of course,
gonna miss u so much, ahmad anas. contact sentiasa okay.
no words can describe how much i miss u.
tapi takpe, 3 hari je. be strong, chayok!
ich liebe dich. :D


Was tagged by Cik Anis Syahirah
Quite interesting hihi.
(Buat terus tag ni, takut lupa lak)

Go to your photos folder in your computer.
Go to the
6th folder of photos.
Go to the
6th picture in that folder.
Put the picture on your blog and description of it.

Okay, this picture was taken when i was in Semester 1 (year 2005) at Rumah 4 Musim, Bukit Cerakah for our Explorace with Pn Hariyati. Haha, its a great moment. We had fun although we got a bit lost there, dont know where we're heading. So yea, it's tiring. Sebab duk pusing-pusing kat situ jugak. For a second there, its like we're in the Blair Witch Project movie. haha but takpe la, i love the Rumah 4 Musim. So breathtakingly beautiful. Miss this moment, miss my class: Kelas C !

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

oh malaysia.

hah, sibuknye minggu ni ya ampun..
nak beremosi lebih pun tak boleh, sebab benda ni, nak tak nak kena buat jugak.
jadi kesimpulannya,
sabar aje lah.
demimu wahai ijazah tercinta. kan ku harungi segalanya!

test test test.
assignment assignment assignment.
kerja kerja kerja.
serabut otak sentiasa.

mana weekend aku?
memang la takde.
minggu ni pergi program anak angkat pulak.
hurm, takpe. just get this done secepat mungkin. at least, lepas la sudah satu beban.

terima kasih malaysia!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Time's Up! It's a Wake Up Call!

Rogol. Samun. Pukul. Bayangkan jenayah tersebut berlaku di hadapan mata anda atau lebih teruk lagi jika ia menimpa diri anda sendiri atau keluarga tersayang. Kepada siapa anda akan meminta untuk mendapatkan bantuan? Kes jenayah saban hari semakin meningkat dan seringkali menjadi igauan masyarakat. Ayuh! Marilah kita bersama-sama membanteras jenayah dan melindungi diri kita dengan cara yang paling berkesan.

Times Up! It’s a wake up call! – sebuah kempen kesedaran jenayah, anjuran pelajar semester 4 UiTM Fakulti Komunikasi dan Media jurusan Perhubungan Awam. Berikut adalah butiran lanjut untuk kempen ini:

Tempat : FOYER FKPM (Fakulti Komunikasi & Pengajian Media)
Tarikh : 12 Mac 2009
Masa : 9.00 Pagi hingga 5.00 Petang

Penampilan istimewa oleh Kamal Affendi Hashim sebagai penceramah bagi kempen kesedaran jenayah ini. Menariknya, kempen ini juga memberi peluang buat orang ramai untuk menjadi Ahli Rakan Cop, melihat gambar-gambar eksklusif dari pihak polis, menerima cenderahati dari MyTV3 dan juga dapat mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut lagi mengenai pembanterasan jenayah.

Untuk maklumat lanjut sila hubungi:
Mahirah Mubin - 012 342 8165
Khaleeq Sarfaraz - 017 832 7387
Ummal Hazaarin – 012 334 5051
Ilya Qastalanni – 016 615 2100

Laman Web Rasmi:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Earth Hour.

Tahukah anda, 28 Mac merupakan hari EARTH HOUR sedunia?
Tak ramai yang tahu kan, sebab aku pun baru je tahu.

Persoalannya sekarang,
apa yang telah anda lakukan untuk selamatkan Bumi?

Bumi sedang nazak sekarang, tahu tak?
Jadi selamatkan lah Bumi, jika setiap seorang dari kamu semua mengambil inisiatif untuk tidak memudaratkan lagi Bumi, it makes a hell lot of difference u know.

For latest information regarding EARTH HOUR,
click Azizi's blog or just simply go to this website.

Thank you, earthlings!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Friendster - should i or should i not?

i think that i wanna delete my Friendster.
but i am still thinking about it.
haven't decide anything yet.

entah lar.
i love my Friendster.
dah macam kurang menarik. dah macam jarang bukak pun.

should i, or shouldn't i delete it?

come on friends, give me some advice will ya?
i really need it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gila + Gembira

Venue: Kegilaan di Studio TV (buat standupper)
Yang cantik-cantik: Himawari, Adda, Pai, Aizat, Zatil and Aidil (si penyibuk tegar!)

Aidil kena belasah dengan Adda. (Padan muka!)

Aku sayang depa semua ni!
Not in the picture: Amoi si loyar buruk.
:D aku sayang amoi jugak.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Putri, kamu tetap di hati. Al-Fatihah.

i'll remember you,
you will be here in my heart,
i'll remember you...

Al-Fatihah buat rakan sekelas kesayangan tika Part 1 Adhe Ellis Kurnia Prasanti (Putri).
Moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

No More.

i dunno why, and i dunno if its relevant or not, but i am so happy right now.
i know i'm crazy to feel that way with tons of assignments up in my sleeves.
not just assignments, but with events as well..
oh god.
but i am accepting everything with arms open wide.

people always complain about classes, assignments, not enough rest etc.
i know i do.
but, i think if you're sick of these things, then why do u want to pursue your studies?
why do you want to continue your degree so badly?
then when you are accepted in whatever university to pursue degree, you complain?

dont complain.
you are the one who applied.

haha, human. manusia.
we are only human right. imperfect ones.
i know i'm not perfect.
i know i complain a lot too.
i am always the emosional ones. haha i know.

but starting from today,
i won't complain. anymore.
as much as i hate doing it, but because i have to do it, then i will do it.
no complains.
its all about marks. and experience, of course.

so yea, 3 weeks not going home because of work.
no, i aint complaining.
tomorrow have to go to mystarz LG for assignment.
*rolling eyes* i'm shutting my mouth.
i am the treasurer (again) for our dinner journ.
*sigh* i will try my very best.

haha wow. no more negativity.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Buat Izni / Ninie / Nen.

Sayu hati kecil aku bila baca posting Izni yang ini.
Aku tahu kalau aku baca posting tu seorang diri, memang boleh menitis air mata aku.

Nurul Izni,
Aku tak nak kau fikir "kalaulah kau boleh putar masa.."
Sebab memang mustahil, kan?
Tapi apa yang aku tahu, segala kenangan-kenangan aku dengan kau, tak kira lah yang baik atau yang buruk, semuanya aku anggap sebagai kenangan manis.
Dan mulai dari saat ini, jom kita cipta kenangan yang baru.
Walaupun kau jarang ada di Puncak, tapi aku tak pernah rasa kehilangan kau.
Sebab aku tahu kau sentiasa ada.
Yang paling utama sekali, kau memang selalu ada dalam hati aku.

Serumah atau pun tak, itu tak menghalang untuk kita lepak sama-sama lagi kan?
Berbuih aku cakap, kau sentiasa dialu-alukan ke rumah aku ni.
Anytime babe, datang je.

Serious aku rindu korang jugak.
Tapi, nak buat camne kan. Semua orang nak lead life masing-masing, mengejar cita-cita.
Mengejar deadline, actually.

Plan pegi BB, on la please~

And oh, Nen,


Thursday, February 5, 2009

sekilas pesanan.

lama tak update blog kan?
yeah, i know. aku sangat aware mengenai last posting aku bila.
aku malas nak post bila aku tahu aku takde mood.
dan bila aku tahu aku takde idea nak tulis apa.
dan aku benci merapu macam ni.
merapu tanpa hala tuju.

so yes, rakan-rakan sekalian yang amat dikasihi dan disayangi,
aku ada banyak kerja sekarang ni yang tengah menjerit-jerit minta diselesaikan.
ni pun dah berapa hari aku tidur lambat.
dek kerana membuat kerja.

oh weekend, cepat lah engkau tiba, mata aku ini kepingin mau tidur awal dengan otak kosong dari bebanan kerja. walaupun buat seketika.

pesanan buat rakan-rakan:
tak mungkin untuk aku mengabaikan blog ini.
walaupun tidak buat posting baru tidak bermakna tidak menjenguk ke blogspot ku ini.
tolong jangan pressure aku dengan persoalan-persoalan "sarah, bila nak update blog?"
aku tak perlukan itu wahai rakan.
bila hati sudah terbuka dan idea juga mencurah-curah, akan ku posting baru.
tak usah la bimbang.

kepada blogspot ku:
engkau tetap kekasih cinta hati aku! muah muah. you knew me better than most of the people who claimed they know me. jangan risau blogspot, kau tetap yang utama. takkan aku delete kau. delete kau umpama aku delete kenangan manis dan pahit aku. segalanya terkandung di sini.

ok, mata sudah mengantuk, tapi kerja masih belum siap.
mahu menyambung buat report comm change.
goodnight korang.

Friday, January 30, 2009

A-Z Facts.

Tagged by Mr Khaleeq Shahzada.

A. Attached or single?
= Brendon Urie.
B. Best friend?= Moi [sD]
C. Cake or pie?= Cakes!!
D. Day of choice?= Tuesday, sebab ada Gilmore Girls & One Tree Hill kat 8tv.
E. Essential item?= Wallet, Handphone, Laptop, Keys.
F. Favorite color?= Purple.
G. Gummy bears or worms?= Both.
H. Hometown?= Kuala Terengganu.
I. Favorite indulgence?= Tidur lepas makan..syok oo!
J. January or July?= January.
K. Kids?= are to be loved, not to be tortured.
L. Life isn’t complete without?= My family and friends.
M. Marriage date?= 20.12.2012 (haha)
N. Number of magazine subscriptions?= None.
O. Orange or apple?= Apple.
P. Phobias?= Spiders, air soya kaler hijau (bila dah basi)
Q. Quotes?= Dont hate me because I'm beautiful :D
R. Reasons to smile?= Sekarang ni: Sebab ada si adda yang bengong.
S. Season of choice?= Off-mating season.
T. Tag 3 people= Adda, Adda & Adda.
U. Unknown fact about me?= Tak reti bawak basikal.
V. Vegetable?= Say No to Tauge, Say Yes to Bawang!!
W. Worst habit?= Suka gigit straw.
X. X-ray or ultrasound?= Ultrasound la, when i'm pregnant lar.
Y. Your favorite food(s)?=
Western, Eastern, semua sumbat.
Z. Zodiac sign= Sagittarius.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

procrastinate maniac.

i am soooo proud of myself right now.
i deserve a pat on my back and people saying "Good Job, Sarah!!!"

ugh, yea rite.

i deserve a slap at the face.
and also a pinch and a punch.
anything that will make me snap back to reality.

sarah is now officially a procrastinator.
i procrastinate a lot! and i have just realized it, just now.
pathetic si sarah ni. i am so lame.
come on, wake up. you are such a lazy cow.

nor sarah fatihah abdullah,
you have gazillion of work to do and you are online??
you are updating your blog? you chat with your friends?
you comment pictures on facebook?

you should offline young lady and do your work this precise moment!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

sorry, maaf, ampun.

i'm sorry.
i'm so sorry.

sorry if i have hurt your feelings.

to get on with it and not telling you how i feel, will make my heart ache.
but to tell you about it, will make you suffer.

i'm sorry for making you suffer.

i know i'm not a nice person, so i understand if you dont want to be apart in my life anymore.
but i still do want you in my life.

i think i'm regretting this.
but please, all i need is time.

hope you'll understand.

Friday, January 23, 2009

ini post emosi. tak perlu baca.

i hate people that loves to brag.
jenis cerita nak UP je, nak bombastik je.
hello, everyone knows that its a lie okay.
but people just entertain you because they dont know what to do with you.
dont you feel ashamed?

cukup la tu, kawan. sedar diri tu sikit.
mula-mula boleh lagi layan.
lama-lama orang muak jugak.
kau sama level dengan kami semua lar.
jangan ingat sebab kau guna barang-barang branded, kau boleh nak merendah-rendahkan orang. mulut takde insurans, cakap main langgar je, tak fikir perasaan orang lain.

ps: yesterday is thursday. you dont mess with me on thursday. if you want to mess with me, find another day. i dont have time for you on thursday.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Aku dan Zach.

weird as it may sound, but,
i'm gonna miss him. seriously.
walaupun banyak kali sakit hati dengan dia tahap max punya, but every time teringat pasal dia yang akan merantau ni, i feel sad.
he's one of my friend that managed to make me cry and laugh at the same time. managed to make me hate him every single time i utter a word to him.
but whatever it is,
he is still a friend. that i cherish. then, now and ever.

Zachary J. Awang Jalaluddin,
Take care, always.
Never look back, this is what u always wanted from the first time i met u.
Remember me as i will remember you.
Goodluck there.
Always keep in touch.
Gonna miss you.