Friday, November 20, 2009

Love affairs; me and Nando's.

Nando's, finally.
After waiting for so long.
(ignore the dates btw, gambar ni dah lama)

Nyum-nyum, delicious ain't it? So appetizing, my favorite. Even posting bout this has make my mouth watered.

I went to eat Nando's with Intan yesterday, at Subang Parade. Because we have been wanting to eat there so badly, we can't even wait for the rest to join us since on that day they are not available. Monster kan kami?

I can't possibly say no to Nando's. You can invite me eat here anytime baybeh. Anytime.

My feathers are ruffled alright~

Haha, i can still post something in here while i really should be sleeping; since i have said my Goodnight to Anas just now :P Okay, this is for real, GOODNIGHT!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weddings; and how i love em!

14th November 2009
Today is Lina's 11th birthday party which is held at my house, just a small-last minute party since Lina seemed very excited wanna celebrate her birthday with her friends.

But since its very last minute, sadly i can't join and be at the party because i went to Tania's wedding (Anas's bestfriend) at Kemensah Heights.

Although it's raining heavily, but we managed to arrive just in time for the Akad. The pelamin and the tent is breathtakingly beautiful. The food was great, Anas enjoyed it very much since there's his favorite dish: Lamb.

I love weddings. My favorite part is during the Akad nikah and the groom is about to lafaz the Akad; that moment is like so precious. I love to look at the bride and we can see her anxious face and it will transform to relieved when her now-called-husband has successfully done his part. Auww sweet kan?

Tania looked so gorgeous, as always. And i was touched looking at Azril (her husband) shed tears of joy after the Akad and went to meet his family. Super sweet.

Wanna know something cooler and much more sweeter? Tania gave Azril the complete set of Twilight Saga as one of the hantaran.


I wonder, will my future husband shed a tear as well when i have finally become his wife? Haha, dream on!

To Tania and Azril,

Congratulations on your wedding day.
May both of you will be happy always and will love each other through thick and thin forever.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Almost the end.

Can u believe it? After almost 5 years in university, it has almost come to an end. And today, i have officially moved out from my rented house at PJ (Padang Jawa).

I don't know how i feel. Of course i'm happy and relieved, but most of it i feel like i'm dreaming. I was like, "Whaaat? Is this the end of my university/studying stage? Can't believe it!"

How time flies, huh?

The emotions that i feel when stepping out from Puncak Perdana is somewhat different this time. During the Puncak days, i feel really really sad because i really love that place. And the people there. And of course, my housemates.

I love Padang Jawa as well. But, it is not the same. The experience are not the same. The situation are not the same. The excitement are not the same. The people are not the same. The housemates ...are okay, but of course are not the same as well.

Degree. Wow. Almost done with it. Although i still have another semester to go, but it's my practical training, so technically i'm out from UiTM. (If i have passed this semester without any repeats!) Amin, InsyaAllah.

Few weeks back, is the toughest and challenging time for me. I've gone through a lot. A lot of pain, sadness, disbelief and a little joy. At that moment, i can see who is really my friend. A friend that i can depend and rely on. A friend that i can solely trust without any suspicion that THAT friend will stab me behind my back.

At that moment, i always wish that i want all of these workloads that tying me up in Shah Alam to be over, because i just can't stand living here any longer. And i want to pour out all my feelings in here just because i want them to know how i feel.

But now, as all of it has finally over, i don't think i want to reminisce with all of these things anymore. And i don't really want to know bout it. Just let it go, right? And learn from it!

So, i'm going to lay low for now and be as silent as i can with them (the people that i have problems with). It's enough for now - contacting them - just make my heart ache.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Come home.

I miss my friends.
Really wanna meet them, soon!

Ohmaigod, cepat lar semua ni habis! Wanting for that moment. Can't wait to get outta here. Want to forget all of these workloads, and i just want to have my moment of peace. Plainly, as simple as that.

And oh, my dear sweetie friend that i've missed so much is coming home, to Malaysia, for good! I'm happy. Lama tak jumpa dia.

Anis Syahirah.

This is her, before she went to Aussie. Gambar ni dah lama. She's much much hotter now and of course, HAPPIER! *wink.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Time will tell ey?

On 24th October, me and Intan went to our ex-schoolmate/ex-classmate's wedding. Like so hard to believe - seeing my own friend; a friend that i used to be real close with, are actually getting married! Her name is Nur Badriah, and she is my classmate when i was in Form 2.

(L-R) Pn Sasni + daughter, Zetty, Badriah + Hubby, me, Intan, Farah

There, i have met a few long lost friends: Farah Atiqah, Fidaie, Zetty, Huda, Zainorhana, Akmar etc, and also ex-teacher: Pn Sasniwati!
Chit-chatting with Farah and Zetty is so informative; they have all the details! More surprisingly, Huda are married as well. And to add it up, she have two adorable kids! I was like, wtf?! When did that happen??

The girl in white is Huda, with her 4-month-old daughter :)

Hilarious, you know. Its hilarious when some of them approach me and ask, "Wei, kau dah kahwin ke?" Hahaha.
I'm happy because they have gotten to that 'level', but how envious i am when most of them already have their own income! While me, Intan and Zetty are still struggling with all of the studying.

Zetty; who used to sit beside me in class :)

How am i gonna compete with that?
  1. Working
  2. Marriage
  3. Kid(s)
Soon. Soon. InsyaAllah.