Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oh girl (me) just wanna have fun!

I don't know how is it people can update their blogs everyday?
Or even worse, once in a few hours!!
Omaigod, I can't compete with that.

there are lotsa things up in my sleeves and I can't even squeeze some time to update my own precious lil blog.
Sorry blog.
I've been abondoning you.

Anyways, I manage to update today because tomorrow is my off day! Only one day tho, but that's alright, I'm enjoying it!

Have I ever tell you that our off days are different?
We don't have fixed off days.
I'm entitled to have 11 off days per month, so I can choose whatever date that I want.
But my proposed off days are not confirmed. There will be changes.
Someone's in charge of that area and they will approve our off days.
So that's why it's different.

I know this month, we have lots of public holidays which falls on Friday, three weeks in a row!
Damn. How envious I am to those that are able enjoying their 3-days-off.
While I don't.

We're trying to run a newspaper and newspaper never gets an off day!
So we have to work, work and work.

Again, I'm sorry for being so busy and can't make it to our lepak sessions.
(Applies to the BFFs)
Sorry for not spending lots of time with you (minus the last "F")

Although a lot of people keeps on asking me about my workload at the office,
but I chose to not tell you in HERE.
Heck, I don't want to fall to those type of people that talks about their working life 24/7.

And most importantly,
I don't want to think about work when I read this blog.
So maybe just minor information is suffice, don't you think so?

Hence I know I've said it but I wanna say it again:
I'm off tomorrow!! And I'm going to Genting!
Super excited, wanna go there for a looongg time :)

PS: Was my birthday recently, and my post-celebration birthday party was awesome!
One of the best birthdays ever. Will upload the pictures when he passed it to me, supposedly tomorrow!

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Internship (so far).

Well, what more can I update about my life in here.
There's this one major thing that is happening right now.
Something that I'm putting my everything in.
The climax of using everything that I have learned these past few years.

It is nothing that I have expected. Way off actually. I thought I'm gonna have like a batch of interns coming in at the same time. I was totally wrong. It turns out, I am the ONLY intern there (at this moment).
Adapting was quite hard. This is a whole new environment for me. But whatever challenge brings, I know I have to be strong. Thankfully I have found a few colleagues/friends that I can rely on, willing to help me out, and be nice to me.
But the real challenge is of course when u are really at the field, doing assignments, getting information, back to office, type the news, send it and wait for the story to be cleared.
Office hours are unbalance. I know I don't expect myself to go home at 5pm everyday. But going home at 7pm is like a good bonus for me.

Every job has its pros and cons. Every job/everything that we do is tiring. So being very tired is normal. I do complain about the tiredness..A LOT! But only at home of course. Of course it sucks to have to wake up and go to bed early. But I take that as a positive side as I know I need to balance my sleeping hours. And it is balanced.

Believe it or not, although it has been only 6 days since I've start this internship, but the thought of quitting has crossed my mind a few times! I shouldered a huge burden of regret, I have a few reasons for the regret.
Everyday I always hope that everything will be smooth. I always hope that I can handle all of the obstacles. It's a tough job, so tough things awaits I'm sure.

I really appreciate those who always believe in me at times when I don't really have that lot of faith in myself. I know I'm always being negative, so I'm happy to be surrounded by the people that are very positive. I really need those type of people.
So to anyone who intends to drained all of my confidence are better not to be around me. I don't need it. Already have enough up in my sleeves.
Thank you and big kudos to My Family, My Boyfriend, My Bestfriends and to My Other-Selected-Friends who has been pouring all of their faith and positive energy at me. I am still standing because of them. So thank you so much and may God bless ALL of you, InsyaAllah.

I still have a long way to go, until end of March to be exact. So please dear kind people, pray for me.
(I may not be an active blogger right now due to other commitments which you already know what. So, I'll update when I have the time and the mood and the kerajinan.)

Thank You :)