Saturday, February 27, 2010

shame shame lah!

Aku rasa aku dah di-block oleh someone kat FB. I dunno why, tapi aku rasa marah sangat!
Boleh aje aku nak block dia jugak, tapi bila fikir balik, I have nothing to hide and segala benda yang aku share kat FB tu semua memang public stuff, so why bother?

Maybe dia ingat aku ni kepochi sangat nak tahu hal-hal dia kot?
Haha kasihan. Dia yang kepochi nak tahu hal orang pastu dia ingat orang lain pun kepochi nak tahu hal dia.
You know what, aku tak berminat langsung nak tahu pasal hal dia.
Sebab all these while, bukan aku yang tanya but dia sendiri yang bagitahu every single thing that happen dalam hidup dia.

So, as a conclusion, I will just let it be.
To that someone, shame on you. Umur dah tua tapi perangai cam budak-budak lagi.
Rasanya dia dah culture shock with technology, almaklum la, budak baru belajar.

To my other half, balik la cepat. Rindu youuu! <3

Sunday, February 21, 2010

ONE :)

One week after Valentine's Day, which is on 21st February last year, that is the date where me and Anas have finally become an item. It was the best and happiest moment in my life.
I was a bit shocked as it happen so fast.

I still remember on Valentine's Day last year, I went to Induction Day at my faculty, organized by my juniors.
Coincidentally, Anas have a meeting at faculty so he drop by. We were still friends that time.

I remember that day because after the event, me Anas Amai Adda and Syawal went lepak at Kedai Kopi. We sat there talking about lots of thing for a few hours. From evening til night. After that we chilled at Dataran Shah Alam, usha-ing people play football. Those were the days where I'm still unsure and confused about my relationship with Anas.

On the 20th, me Amai Adda Fariza Pooya and Najib went karaoke at Quality Hotel. We had the best time of our lives. Singing all sort of songs, dancing shamelessly and laughing like crazy.

Few minutes before midnight, I talked to Anas on the phone. One thing led to another, TADAAAA...sudah official :) I checked the time, it was 12:03am, which means it's already 21st Feb.

When I told the rest whom I've abandoned at the karaoke room, they reacted just the way I've expected: screaming with joy with a lot of "Yay!"s and gave me a hug, and we continued singing.

Today, our relationship had turned to one year old. How fast time flies. I can still remember every single time we spend together and who would have thought it had happen since last year.

We have gone through a lot. Sadness, happiness, anger, jealousy, frustrated, chirpy, ting-tong, ecstatic etc. You name it. Every busyness and not able to spend a lot of time together and a lot of quick lepak asalkan dapat jumpa, but we are still standing strong.

Never crossed in my mind to give up with him or never am I got bored nor tired of him. NEVER, and I am serious. I didn't say this just to show how great we are, but I am telling the truth.

But, there's still a long way to go, and this is only the beginning. But I am confident that no matter what, we will always be with each other, cheering and supporting each other and always there for one another.

Through thick and thin, we will always be as one. This is the one relationship that I will always cherish and treasure, til the end. There's no words to describe how I felt for him, and he knows it.

This is the first one-year-relationship-anniversary that I've celebrated my whole life, so of course I'm excited.

Today is important to me and I want to share my very-happy-moment-as-high-up-in-the-sky with everyone, in this blog.

Pray for us, and always be happy for us.
Because we are so happy with each other.

During the Induction Day :)

21st Feb 2009 :)

Celebrate his birthday last year.

First attempt to Genting: FAIL! Went
KLCC instead.

Kat Genting :D Waiting our turn to
ride the go kart.

Happy Anniversary my love, my TAAB :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

feeling totally kaputt.

Well, I took MC for 2 days. My first time taking MC after two and a half months of intern. It's not that I want to, but I have to.
And today is my off day. So basically, I'm not working for 3 days.
Wah should be heaven for me, to be able to relax at home. But actually, it's not.
Fever is treating me very badly. And cough, and sore throat, and flu.

With my condition of dislikeness of taking medicine seriously didn't make things better.
I hate taking meds. Always have the imagination of puking everytime I see it.
And, I will stare at you with the most weirdest look on my face if I see u swallow those meds with plain water. Cause I know I will fail miserably doing that.

Anyhoo, today is a new day and I am feeling much MUCH better when I woke up than yesterday.

I feel....quite good :)
But, I still have to finish my antibiotics. The pills are gigantic! I seriously feel like the doctor really want to torture me :(

I'll try to have my good rest today as it is my last day of relaxing.

To Anas,
Thanks for teman-ing me to clinic :) And also thank you for giving me a lot of encouragement and endlessly forcing me to swallow down those hateful meds.
If you still love me after have to go through all of the gedikness of 'tak suka la ubat ni' or 'tanak lah makan!' or 'nak muntah dah ni!' or 'perlu ke makan?' or 'kenapa diorang ni cipta ubat ni besar sangat??', then I know you love me enough :)

I know I have a lot of weird 'perangai' when it comes to taking meds, which I know certain people knows it.

PS: To the other 4 interns, is it necessary for me to post a list of '10 happiest moment in my life'? I don't remember agreeing to post those stuff, HAHAHAHA!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Not a great CNY.

Yesterday, I got home quite late which leads to me having this cough and sore throat all day today, which such a torture!

It's CNY and there aren't a lot of assignments (and journalists) today. Up until noon, there were only 5 people. Which leads to the OC belanja me McD (haha).
I have a 2.30pm assignment, covering the CNY babies at Pantai Hospital. I went there feeling so high spirited as I was so bored staying at the office with no work.

How surprise I was when the hospital's PR told me that someone from Metro desk had came earlier and interviewed all of the proud mommys and daddys.
So I called the office and told them the whole situation and guess what she said ...

"In that case, you should just come back to the office."

I was frustrated! Today was an unproductive day for me.

So I get back to the office and I was assigned to do the same old, same old. (no, not weather because its press holiday so no newspaper)
But I have to process a press release about Ops Sikap and key in assignment for tomorrow (which there are only 1 assignment!)

The good thing is, I get to go home early. But the downside of it is,


and sore throat and cough.

But what I have noticed when I key in the assignment was,


Darn it.
So that means, all of us don't have any events to attend then!
I'm sure we have to do follow-up and processing press release again. Haih.

But, tomorrow is still hazy for me, depending on my condition.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

steam to the boat.

Had dinner at Johnny's Summit USJ today with Mama, Dee and Anas.
Omg I've been craving for steamboat for such a long time.
I know there are a lot of steamboat restaurants around, but my eyes are set for Johnny's SAHAJA.
I don't wanna some place else.

And, all of that wait and all of that crave:

I ate like nobody's business.

(Although I was a bit nervous because it was the first time I had dinner with Mama and Anas at the same table. HAHA)
But everything was okay, of course. Silly me for feeling so nervous :P

Yesterday, although part of the day time was a bit frustrating, but overall it was PERFECT.
Actually, every moment spent with you, is gonna be perfect. I just knew it.

Anyways, have you guys heard of Pepper Lunch before? It's at Sunway Pyramid.
The other day, we were drooling like crazy when we saw the menu so we have decided to try it out.
The end result = FANTASTIC!
Totally no regret. Go ahead, and try it out!
(Although I was a bit turned off when I saw tauge at some of the menu, but there's still other options to choose from. No sweat.)

This is mine : Japanese Curry Rice with Beef (or something like that)

Rice + Beef + Curry (Gravy-ish)

Anas with his odd smile (sengaja buat!)
Budak tak reti guna chopstick. HAHA :P


What about you? :P

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Went out bonding with the other interns for 2 days in a row!
It was awesome.

Actually, we always bond in the office, but it's the first time we went out and letting our hair down after such a stressful day in the office.
So it was nice.

Today, we went to Tropicana City Mall for dinner.
At first we wanna go someplace else (which i dont remember the name already, only remember there's the word 'hainanese' and 'chicken chop'), but we couldn't find it *sad*
Maybe it's under construction or something.

So we settled to go to 'Otak-Otak Place'. That's the second time I've been there, and mind you, the place is like super cute!
Totally triggered back childhood memories.

The reason I said that because...

Every table have a Happy Family card (remember the game?) where we can play it while waiting for our orders.
There's also the penutup botol, yang people always main lambung-lambung tu. Am not really good at it, so am not really good to explain about it lar. But I hope u guys get the gist of my explanation lar :P
There's congkak, guli, old textbooks, videotape, basikal.
Also have TORA (!!!) cool huh.
And most importantly, the menu is like the school's buku latihan. The chocolate one.

So cute.

Then after that, we all lepak-ing at Starbucks, eating the Marble Cheesecake while gossiping like nobody's business. HAHA. Sangat nyummy okay (the cake + gossip). Love it!

I've captured a few pics lar, later-later I upload it. Haven't transfer it yet.
(bukan malas lar) but it's already 1am, and I have morning assignment tomorrow at KL Sentral. Most probably gonna take the KTM only, much easier!!

So goodnight everyone!