Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Four days.

Four days.
I know it's a short period of time; but it's long enough for me.

I can deal with not seeing him for four days or maybe longer.
But I can't deal with the lack of communication between us.
Texting only a couple of times for a whole day is such a torture.

I know this is one of the obstacles of being apart from one another, and I know I should be strong.
I know the situation could be much more complicated than this in the future, and I know I should prepare myself.

I am prepared. I am strong. I can handle this long distance.

But I can't help myself from feeling so restless, worried, weak, emotional and missing him so much.

I don't know how you people out there could stand being in the different country or continent from your loved ones.
But I do know, after going through all of this, I salute you :) Seriously.

Four days should be a piece of cake for me.
A day had passed; and although up until now I don't know what will happen for the next three days, but I do know whatever happens I am still here waiting for you to come back home.

Be safe. Will always pray for you :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dean. List. Award.

I know you guys mean well when you popped me that question.
I know you guys thought I get that 'title' like I did last time.

But looking at my performance previously, I don't deserve to get it, you know.
Compare to all of you who have worked so hard, I am not like you.
I procrastinate a lot and at the end I did everything the simplest I can just to finish the thing.

But I accept the result as positively as I can, because to me, it's not too bad.
I'm still thankful with it.

I'm happy with your achievement, seriously I do.
But different people keep on asking me the same question, I just can't take it anymore.

So let me clear the air once and for all...

So stop asking me if I'm going to the ceremony tomorrow and what will I wear.

Because, of course, I'm not going kan.

But I am seriously happy with you all, my classmates. Congratulations.

Sarah the ex-intern.

Yesterday (technically) was the end of my four-month internship.

The End. Finish. Fin. Selesai.

As much as I know I should have been happy and overjoyed, but somehow, I feel nothing.
Of course I'm relieved for it to be done successfully (to me), but I feel average.

I was like,
"Yep, last day..." *look around awkwardly* *senyum senget*

That was my dialogue when people came up to me and say, "Hey, last day kan?"

However, I've been waiting eagerly for that finito moment to arrive. I know I'll miss the environment, and also (some of) the people there, and of course, the workloads as well.
I will be super happy if they assign something for me. Rather than sitting in office, trying to figure out what should I do, and sitting restlessly for not having any work while others are busy finishing theirs.
So yes, I was happy to be busy. At least I know, I was needed there.

I was a bit in awe because I could not believe that it had actually over.
Hey, no longer an attachment. I'm attach free! :D

No longer people place you at the bottom level just because you're an intern.
And we (the interns) get that a lot.

After this,
  • No more calling the office at 10.30pm - 11pm to check for assignments and will go like "Oh damn! Takde assignment!"
  • No more coming in the office fearing this one particular lady to scold me for coming in late with her usual line "You're an intern. You must come in at 9am." Fish!
  • No more briefing the O.C (officer-in-charge) and got worried if he/she ask for more information which I don't have.
  • No more have to wait for hours to see the status of my story to 'To Clear'.
  • No more have to experience almost heart attack when they shouted 'SARAH!' which was a sign of them editing my story and there's something they did not understand.
and yada yada yada.

But I'll miss the people most. There's a few people which I really really enjoy and appreciate the friendship :) Hope they feel the same way too.

Anyways, I'll be focusing on finishing my report and of course, have to mengadap a pile of Star newspapers because I want to cut out all of my articles. For my own personal collection.

And most importantly, I will have a lot of time up in my sleeves after this (which I lurve).
And it's time for me to master those skills which I said I need to master.

Yeah, you can do this :D

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I got my head and my heart on the dancefloor.

Dee dah upload the Terengganu pictures.
Go and check it out at my FB okay, FRIENDS!

My tummy is not in the greatest condition today. Somehow, my tummy could not behave well and it's very annoying!
Mahu baring saja, so that the pain could go away.

One day down, and seriously today I feel like the clock ticking so s l o w l y ...
Super mengantuk, super lazy and super sakit perut. Major perfect combination.
Uu yeah.

I think I need to create my own checklist.
List of stuff to do during my era to become the greatest penanam anggur ever born!
Lots of ideas in my mind but suddenly reality strikes - whether it's a good idea or will my parents give their full blessing with my plans.
Haih, this is the sucky part when you are still under jagaan your own parents.

But I still wanna make sure ALL my plans to work! (if not all, then some of it la)
And most importantly, of course, my major mission during my so-called era is:

To master all important skills which is needed for me to master

And no, you don't need to know about those skills. Unless you beg for it. Hehe.

Ops, too bad I changed my mind.
Beg til you drop but I ain't telling!! :P

Gah! I think I'm crazy. I blame it on the sugar.

H untuk Home.


Gosh. Feels so good to be home.
But I do miss Terengganu so much. Although I hate the painfully hot weather, but thank God for the 24-hour-aircond-terpasang at our hotel/apartment room, I don't really experience the sweaty badan melekit condition :) me like.

Lazy and not in the story telling mood about the trip, but whatever it is, I enjoyed myself at the family gathering last Saturday (13th Mar).

You can view the pictures later in my FB when my 2 sisters dah upload (which is God knows when)

Need to do some research bout my tomorrow's assignment then I wanna go to zzz.
(sangat sangat sangat sangat malas nak kerjaaaaaaaaaa!)
Argh. In denial mode. Can't believe my 5 days off is overrrrr. Cis burger.

It's okay.
Countdown: Exactly 9 more days :))

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dating dengan penyu ;P

Today was somewhat a great day.
Greeted with a bundle of surprises.

Guess who pick me up from office today??
My Abang :D How shock I am seeing him. But of course, happy at the same time :D

(Jangan fikir bukan-bukan haa when I said 'My Abang'. It's my read Abang lar who lives in Kedah :P)

And there's another surprise as well.
Came in a huge package of grey and blue-ish. HAHA.

Excited but somehow, I feel nothing.

Well anyways, my five-day-off starts tomorrow and I am super excited!
Wait for me oh holiday.

I'm gonna have all the fun I can get tomorrow and yes, I'll miss YOU!

Then on Friday, off I go back to Terengganu with Dee.
Flight is at 2pm. Anyone care to hantar me and wave at me at the 'anjung tinjau'?
Ouch ouch, haha.

And will be back to beloved Subang Jaya on Monday morning. InsyaAllah.

Please pray for me, my siblings and my parents.
May all of us will have a safe journey :) Amin.

As of now, I need to pack my bag as I'm passing all my luggage to my parents who will go back Terengganu tomorrow morning :)
And FYI, I seriously sangat yang amat BENCI packing.

*looking at the empty luggage placed at the corner of my room*

Gosh. I have to start packing now. Have to, have to.
Gtg darls. See you Monday.

Monday, March 1, 2010

and then, comes March :)

It's March already. I seriously could not believe it. I have been interning at The Star for 3 months already.
And I know I keep on saying at Sharon that I don't want to count the days but I really wanna share this fact:


How pleasant that feeling is.
When you don't really take note when you will be done with it but then you suddenly realized that this is your final month there!
I still remember on December when I was browsing through the roster, I didn't even go to the February part because it just felt so far awayyy.
Who would have thought..FEB DAH HABIS WEIII! :D

I have mixed feelings about this.
People always ask me,

"How do you find The Star?"
"Are you happy being there?"
"So do you want to work there?"
"You want to be a journalist after this?"

all those stuff lar.

To tell you the truth, I haven't thought about "What's next?" yet.
I just want to focus what I am doing now and when I'm finally done with this, then I think I will came up with something.
I'll think of something, I'm sure.

But one thing for sure,

and I'm serious.

But nevermind, let's just wait and see, shall we?
I will always think positive and try my best. InsyaAllah.

Anyways, I am so thankful to have my intern friend Sharon with me. Maybe because we are the only two interns left, so every day we'll try our best not to left one another behind.
Just like today :)

Thank you Sharon Chew for willing to switch terminals with me although you have weather to do.
Thank you Sharon Chew for coming back to accompany me waiting for my dad although you can go home early, and have dinner early as well.

:)) Thank you!!

PS: I'm so glad that my February resolution sangat menjadi. No malas-malas mode to update blogggg :D