Friday, August 27, 2010

Just so you know.

One thing you need to know about me: I HATE flooding my blog talking about work.

I seriously hate it.
But looking on at my previous posts, yep, work work work was all I talk about.
Sorry, didn't mean to. It's just that my life, currently, revolves around my work.
I spent 80% each day in the office. Sometimes 90%.
My job is all I think about, all the time. 24 hours. I can't help it.

And here I am again, in this blog, talking about (what else?), My Job.

Arghhhh, stress! I hate doing something that I know I hate doing it.

But one more thing that you need to know about me is: I HATE sharing sessions with people.

Ok, it's not exactly pure hate, but I'm actually not good at it.
So instead of having a sharing session with someone which I'm not good at, I'm doing my very own version of sharing session with this blog. (Just for the sake of needing to let it out)

I know, lame huh?

But the good part is, if you've been reading this blog religiously since I first started back in 2007, you are actually one step closer to know the REAL Sarah Abdullah.
The real me. The original thoughts of mine. My fear. My dislikes. My worries. My happiness. Everything.

It's not that knowing me well is such a big deal, but if you are a frequent reader of mine, that means you actually care, right?
Gosh, I'm being lame again. Or absurd.

Like Kak Wawa (our editor) said, "Always be humble. Remember our nawaitu, that's very important."

Yes, I will always remember that. And positivity all the way, InsyaAllah.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

On-job training.

I am doing my on-job training now, since yesterday.
Honestly speaking, it is so tiring but at the same time, I'm loving the new experience.
All the way through Ramadhan, me and the rest of the JPEC team will have to break our fast in the office because we have to stay here until the main news ended.
It's not exactly compulsory but that just shows your level of dedication in this job. And since I don't have any problem with going home late, I stayed.
In fact, all of us did.

For your information, we have our own JPEC blog. Actually, we are required to create one.
So for our on-job training, since we have 26 people altogether in the team, each one of us have to post about our day. One people each day.
So I've just shared my second day in news room in the JPEC blog, and I'm so lazy to repeat the same thing in here.

If you are an amazing stalker, which I know you are, go and Google our blog. (That is if you want to read my experience lah, if not, then no need).

Goodnight everyone. It's sleeping time and I want to have my own sweet sweet rest :)
Sorry for the short post. So tired now.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

After a month.

It has been almost a month since I join this programme.
Almost a month we've been crammed in the HR Training Room, learning a lot of things about the broadcasting and journalism world.
Almost a month my FB has been flooded with a lot of tagged photos of our journey.

What happen after this?

After one month, it's time for our on-job training and we'll be segregated to different TV channels (TV3, ntv7, 8tv or TV9).
Oh how nervous I am.
It's like going through internship all over again! And having to prove to everyone that I'm capable and good enough for this.
Sorry to say, but that is so tiring.

I dare to say that the idea of quitting had occurred in each one of our minds.
But it was blocked with a lot of positive words poured at us by the trainers.
So we stayed and will always think positive.

And I am not a quitter. I used to be one, yes..but not anymore and never will be again.

Haih. Come on strength! Come on power! Come on high self-esteem! Come to momma pleaseee!

(few minutes later)

Yes, I believe in myself. I'd gone through worse and I still stand strong.
I should do the same with this one.


Btw, Happy Ramadhan everyone.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our Jeram Besu trip :)

Looking back at my previous post, I know I dreaded going to Jeram Besu. But at the same time, I know I'll have a wonderful time there.

I was wrong.

I regretted dreading to go there. Because myself and the rest of team had a splendid time! I dreaded to go home actually, all of us did.
We were treated like family - all of the friendly, warm and helpful people, the magnificent food (seriously), the breathtaking view, and the fresh fresh air.

Once in a while, I needed that kind of environment. All of them are so kind and generous. Although 4 days was so short but we bonded together beautifully.

And of course, the experience was priceless. I did things that I never did before, and I overcome my fear - my fear of heights, my fear of water just because I don't know how to swim.
Although I was the slowest person to get through all of that, but at the end of the day, I did it. All of it. And I'm proud of myself.

I feel indebted to all of the wonderful people (JPEC team & Jeram Besu team) for being so patient and for helping me throughout these 4 days.

Again, I had a great time. Up until today, we never shut up about how fun it was there. I miss all of the people there, and the environment.

InsyaAllah, if I may and when I have the opportunity, I wanna go there again :)

Yang penting, boleh melantak durian banyak-banyak!

Abseiling. That's not me up there btw.

With Capt Hasnol - the funniest captain ever!

We did it! With JPEC team + Jeram Besu team

Celebrate Sri, Syawal & Priya's birhtday during karaoke night.

ps: I'll upload more photos of our great memories there later. It's not with me yet :)

Monday, August 2, 2010


Off to Jeram Besu, Pahang for our teambuilding session.

Honestly speaking, I'm seriously dreading for it. But I'm positive that I'll have the best time of my life there. It's all about experience, and having fun :)

Wish me luck and pray for me! See you all in 4 days!