Saturday, February 26, 2011


Don't feel so good today.
Nausea & wanna throw up. Don't know why.

But I noticed that this always happens whenever I feel down or frustrated or depressed bout something.

Like today, yes, I was a bit frustrated with someone. And tadaa! Terus rasa tak best.

Not good, huh?

Sarah, you need to take a chill pill. This is not good.
No no, scratch that. I hate pills. I need to get myself a McD's vanilla milkshake. Yes, that's more like it :)

ps: my 3 days off has come to an end, and it's all such a waste. wasted. big time.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chris Medina FTW.

I always get teary-eyed when I see this video. He's such a sweet guy :)

Although he didn't make it through Top 24, but I'd say he made such a good impression bout himself and he got the talent. I'm sure plenty of record companies are dying to give him a deal! :D

Always fresh in my heart.

Thank you to Ema Fadilah Ahmad for introducing this song to me back in Part 1 Diploma, 2005.
Since then, I always have a soft spot for this song :)

Monday, February 21, 2011


Persetankan semua.

Aku malas nak kisah lagi.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Friends forever and ever babes :)

Yes, it sucks BIG time to have a failed relationship. Failed to maintain the sparks until it went down the drain...

But, despite all that, I thank God everyday to have my beautiful friends around me. Friends who are with me for such long long years.

These are my best friends. First met them when I was in Standard 4, friendship grew day by day until now. It's been 14 years now :) Who would've thought.

Afidah: My 4 Kekwa classmate. The cute one.

Intan: First met her in 2002. The beautiful one.

Farah: Also my 4 Kekwa classmate :) The gorgeous one.

Childhood friends. They're my soulmate :)

And these are my UiTM sweethearts. With me for almost 6 years now. Love all of them dearly.

Aby: Met her during the Masscomm interview

Five of us.

Fatin's wedding at Johor :)

The girl next to me is Ina. When this picture was taken, she was pregnant. She's a proud mother to a beautiful baby girl now. And it's Fatin's turn in the group to be pregnant. InsyaAllah, she'll be in labor in July. After her? Yet to be determined :P

I am blessed to have friends like them. Yes, different group. I like to acknowledge them as my Subang friends and UiTM friends. But this bunch of people are the closest one to me.

I know sometimes I think too much about my failed relationship and how sucks it is to not have a guy in my life. But that's not the end of the world. At least, I have my beautiful girls with me. My friends are everything to me, and I can't live without a friend.

However, I can live without a boyfriend.

Prioritize. Friends are important. I will never take each of you for granted :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A tribute for the most lovable guy I've ever met :)

Whoa. It's February already. If you are so diligent, you can browse through my previous posts specifically February last year, and you will know why this month is such an emotional month for me.

I think it's too soon for February to come, don't you think?

Well anyways, this will be the last time I'm talking bout this, so here goes...

I was happy on 15th February last two years, because that time I've found someone.
He's special in my life. He started off as my friend and became someone more important in my life after that.
He was the first guy I dared to call him my best friend, coz he listened to my problems and he gave honest and great advices.
He constantly tried to make me feel good about myself. And that's a crucial quality that I need in a friend.

He was my best friend. And after that, he became my other half which I loved so dearly.
We had a lot of fun together, we shared a lot of great memories together and everything else together.
He was my first serious relationship. He was the first guy I introduced to my family, so obviously it meant something. He was my first long term boyfriend.
All of that first-timers, make it so much more difficult to forget.

And so, not every happy moment lasts right? Same goes with our love story. It didn't last.
I guess it all started when both of us have our own career, and everything got ruined day by day.
Until we've decided to end it. And a lot of stuff happened along the way which made it harder to save this relationship.

Honestly, I haven't fully moved on yet. It was hard. The first few months of the break up, I was still clinging to him, still clinging with our memories.
Until I realized, I had enough of torturing my feelings. It's time to start a new life, open a new book.

The new year was a start of my new life. I've landed a great job, my dream job, and I'm not gonna ruin it. It's time to distract my mind from thinking of this break up and focus on my career. I want to make everyone proud, obviously.

But of course, up until now I still think of him once in a while. Although we don't really talk anymore but I'll always remember all of the good deeds he had done for me all this time.

So yes, this past year a lot of stuff happened. From happy stuff to awful stuff.
U wanna know what's the sucky part? It's that I used to believe that if you date someone from the same field, you'll be safe from all of the misunderstanding fights. Because obviously, you'll understand each other's work. But I was wrong, it was still horrible. So currently, I don't know what to believe anymore. That sucks.

Anyway, although I no longer have a guy best friend and a boyfriend or even just a friend who always carved a smile on my face and who gave excellent advices, but that's okay. At least, I had you...although just for a moment.

Thank you for everything. Sorry for everything. I think I won't be able to graduate my studies if you didn't walk into my life. So I thank you, and I owe you one.

This post, is a tribute for you :) You are a wonderful guy, you are a perfect gentleman without a doubt. I'm a lucky woman to have you in my life, even for just a short while.

You will have a successful career ahead, I'm sure. Cheers.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


You know, when we receive our first salary, everyone (and I mean, EVERYONE) kept on asking, "Bila nak open table ni?"

Everyone as in those people from work, family members and friends.

And me, being so excited to receive my first ever salary will reply, "Sure sure, nanti kita plan eh!" (dengan senyuman sampai ke telinga) At that time, I was feeling so happy, I feel like I wanna belanja the whole worlddd! (U know what I mean?) heh.

But when all the excitement subsides, that's when reality strikes and I realized, "Wehh ramai gilaaa aku setuju nak open table niiii!"

By the time dah habis belanja semua orang, duit dalam bank pun dah habis jugak.

Cannot la like that right? Hehehehehe sorry korang, next time open table kays. Bankrap makcik gini :D

And have you ever experience the same thing as I have where when we've been working our ass off from the previous month and when finally we received our salary, we want to allocate some of that money to reward ourselves? Pernah buat tak or am I the only one?

Alah, like when we've been working hard on our assignments specifically group assignments coz it's the toughest, and when it's all over, of course you'll have this urgency to go out, relax, be free and reward yourself with something right? Like makan besar or shopping or pergi karaoke, those kind of stuff. Ber-escapism. Right?

I haven't reward myself yet coz I've been stressing on ways to reward everyone else. So that's what I'm gonna do now. List down things that I wanna buy or what I need to buy and just spend it baby! :D

Don't look back.
(Banyak sangat baca buku Shopaholic lately which leads to me being very careful when spending haha) Bad influence to this non-shopaholic like moi :)