Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Positive Month.

Okay, si Intan Amir dah bagi komen kenapa aku asyik post emosi je kat blog. *sentap*

Haha babe! I was sick la that day. Nausea leads to no appetite which leads to stomach cramp..a bad one. Now I know apa perasaannya jadi orang tua bongkok tiga coz the whole day I had to walk like that. I can't stand straight. Sumpah merana.

And the reason why I let it out in here is because that time, I felt lonely. Tak tau nak mengadu kat siapa & there's a lot of things going on that didn't go well as planned. And semua orang macam ada agenda sendiri, and I was left with no agenda at all, I was a bit depressed..I'll admit that.

I was a bit sad, for that day.

But now, dah okay. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Mama duk risau about my cramps sebab dah melarat sampai esoknya, sampai kena text editor nak bagitau akan masuk office lambat coz I was unable to get up. Sakit gila perut.
Tapi memikirkan my English editor was all alone that day, no one to help him with the stories, so terpaksa la gagahkan jugak. Nasib baik masa tu weekend. Tak rushing sangat la.

Mama risau sebab baca suratkhabar Utusan bahagian Kesihatan tu ada feature pasal appendix, and dia dah fikir bukan-bukan.
But I have to admit as well that the symptoms which was listed out in the feature, I had the same thing that day. So couldn't blame my mother for being worried, right?
But thankfully, the rest of the day in the office I felt fine. So I don't think there's a need to go to the clinic.

Haha well, just to point out that, I don't really like to post emotional stuff in here. But honestly, there are times when I feel so lonely and no one there lending a helping hand. So I have this blog to thank.

Of course it's frustrating coz whenever possible I'll always try my best to be there for my friends. And when I need them the most, they're not around. Well, can't blame them as well for having stuff to do and me with no life.

Although it is tiring but I was happy to get this month's schedule. I don't have a lot of off days and I'm glad. I don't get a lot of 3-days-straight off days and it's a good thing. At least I don't have to plan what to do with my off days, coz obviously whatever I've planned, it's not gonna work out. So that's fine.

Yup, this month gonna be such a hassle. Working 5-6 days straight with only a day off. But hey, look at the bright side. I'll buried myself with workload and I know I'm gonna enjoy it. Not gonna complain anything. This month is a busy month. With 2 by-election and all.

But, I'm off on Friday and I already know what I'm gonna do. To do my passport. Haha. Same old, same old the loser me. Left with no passport, left out an opportunity. Takpe la, mungkin takde rezeki. I'm sure I'll have my chance in the future. Just be positive! :)