Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I went to the dentist today. It's called Smile. I feel good about the clinic just by hearing the name. Because it's Smileee! What's the first thing u remember when someone mentioned smile? Of course the mouth. And mouth? ---> TEETH!!!

And yes, I was all smiley when I enter the clinic.

I can't really remember when was the last time I went to see the dentist. I know it was during my uni days, at Pusat Kesihatan. That bloody Pusat Kesihatan.
It wasn't pleasant I tell you. I know it's free for the students but the doctors!!...they were really harsh man. I know my teeth needs a lot of cleaning to do at the time but don't take it on my teeth!

Well somehow, I think when they are cleaning my teeth, the tool they're using must've hurt my gums because not long after I stepped out of the Pusat Kesihatan, my gums were swollen. Quite badly.

To a point where I can't even chew a thing.
It hurts so bad, I have to take pain killer(s). And I am relying on the pain killers 100%. It wasn't good, I became addictive to that drug.
The pain was aching until I actually cried at night. (no kidding!)
I was deeply in pain, I can't even be bothered to make a hot nescafe to swallow the pills. I swallow it with plain water. Which is RARE!

So after that incident, I was a lil bit traumatic with dentist. But I know I can't escape from seeing them because I have a very unhealthy gums & I need to do scaling every 6 months.

But yes, I think it was 1 year after that when I've decided to go to the dentist. (I think that's because my office cover our dental as well.) So it's gonna be such a waste, right?
The doctor was nice but I can't blame her for nagging at me when she saw my teeth right?

Let me recall back her words where it feels like there's a dagger sticking out of my heart!

Scene 1
Her: Bila last pergi cuci gigi?
Me: Emmmm... Masa university dulu.
Her: How long ago was thattttt?
Me: @?!&*% (cover balik) Ahaha. Tak lama lah. Last year? (Tipu sangat. Last year, convo! Pergi scaling, before practical lagi!)
Her: U sure baru setahun tak cuci? Macam dah 5 tahun!!
Me: (Dagger #1) Hihihihi.

Scene 2
Her: Gusi u teruk. Bleeding.
Me: Yeah, bleeding teruk kan.
Her: Teruk sangat. Macam gusi orang umur 80 tahun!
Me: (Dagger #2) ---speechless terus----

Anyhoo, mulut dia memang laser but she's nice. Surprisingly, I really like her! Haha.
And I have to go to the dentist again in 3 weeks time to complete the whole scaling process.
It's not done yet, obviously. Thanks to my overly bleeding gums!

But in the meantime, I can smileeeeeeeeeee like nobody's business! Hey, doktor tu siap polish my teeth tau! *shiny shiny*
:D :D :D

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Strangers, again

I noticed this video in Facebook. At first I was lazy to watch it coz the duration is too long but seeing a lot of my friends post this video, I guess there must be something special or something so true bout it, right?

Well, I'm not in a relationship right now hence I'm not in any stage for the time being. But I used to be and every stage in this video, I guess every couple experience the same thing before it went down the drain. Same goes with me.

And I always wonder, how about the married couple? Is it not the same? Will they or will they not experience this as well? If it happens when we're married, that is scary. Makes me think that I am so not ready to get married and if one day I've found someone, it's gonna take one hell of a long time for me to totally trust that person before take it to the next level.


But whatever it is, all in all, the good thing about life and being a person who has a belief, I totally believe in "jodoh" and that every person has it's own partner. Hold on to that is enough for me :)

But still, no harm done in watching this video and speculate right? So to those who wasn't aware about this video in Facebook, go and watch it people. It's a good video with a great message and I love the story telling part. Makes u reminisce every single stage in your relationship and ask yourself "Do I experience this? And that?" :) It's a good one.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Honey, I'm home!!

I'm home baby, I AM HOMEEEEE!

Omaigod, it was like...so surreal. One month+ journey has come to an end. Can you believe it? I still can't.
I've been waiting for today to come since Day 1. And now, it's over. Our Sayang Sarawak programme...is over. It's a wrap!

Oh so happy.

Happy to be filled with happiness everyday and being surrounded with amazing and chaotic and hilarious people throughout.
Happy to have loads of new friends that I love and cherish.
Happy to have collected great & wonderful experience from our journey.

THANK YOU EVERYONE (All Sarawakians & Sayang Sarawak crews) for making my journey in Kuching a jolly good one! :D
Love you guys so much. And can't wait to bump with everyone at the office...very very soon! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

From Sarawak, With Love :)

It's been a while, I know. I refused to give excuses but easy to say, I don't have time to update.

I'm sorry, blog. For abandoning you...again.

To those who doesn't know (I'm sure a lot of my friends know bout this through Facebook), I'm at Kuching, Sarawak now. Since March 15th. I'm here until April 18th, insyaAllah.

I'm doing a special one-month programme called "Sayang Sarawak". It's aired everyday on the evenings on TV3. Life here is quite hectic, a lot of things to do. But there are times where we have our free time (like today). No one is in the workstation area, I think because today is Friday. Most of them will probably come in after Jumaat prayers.

I'm alone in the room, and was browsing the Facebook while doing some research. Then this blog came to mind. Aaaa I miss blogging. Loads to tell! But I can't think now. Coz I'm typing this in a public room, no privacy hehe. That's why I can't think.

But one thing for sure, I'm exhausted. I'm physically and mentally drained. Being here for a month, working everyday, 24/7, no off days at all....of course I'm tired. I am not strong you know. I'm weak! But I don't want to show my weakness, considering I'm the most junior here and I have to prove to them that I deserve to be here.

I can do this. Yes, I can.

I have 3 days off once I'm home. I'll spare a day just to update this blog..for the memories :)

I miss a lot of people! I was homesick the first week, but now, I'm okay. I miss my mother the most. Always get teary-eyed whenever I think of her.

I'm counting the days now. 10 days to go :) But now, I'm living my life in Sarawak to the fullest. Yeah!

Take care everyone!~

**Oh, my first sister, Kak Zizi is going to London (not sure when, maybe tomorrow or today or yesterday! I can't remember). Envy her like a lot! But that's okay, I'm confident that I will go there someday. Amin :) Take care and have fun Kak Zizi! :D