Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In the nutshell.

Lama betul tak update blog, I know. Dah sebulan lebih.

Sangat cliche kalau nak cakap takde masa kan. But it's true, I guess.
Work has changed my life & my routine.

Makin lama kerja, dugaan & cabaran pun makin banyak. The expectation from people especially the bosses also makin tinggi. Especially bila dah confirm sekarang ni.

Yes, I received my confirmation letter already. Syukur Alhamdulillah. No more under probation.

But that doesn't mean I can sit back, relax & goyang kaki kan. I have to work harder. There's a lot of things that I want to achieve in this industry.

But I am thankful for all of the opportunity that I received with the Feel Good family.

Being sent overseas, doing a special programme, doing a paid segment, covering a hardcore assignments and most recently, of course, covering the Bersih rally.

Great experience, all of that. But I am still new, lots & lots of things to learn. And I'm glad I have a bunch of helpful and inspiring colleagues. Most importantly, all of them are the most fun & crazy people :)

Anyways, a lot of things happened these past few months. That's why I've been updating short posts or post videoclips and all.

I lost 2 friends in May and July. The first one is someone that I've known dearly since Diploma days. Which kenal dia sebab jual buku kat dia but because of that, jadi kawan rapat. And the other one is my batch mate in UiTM. Kitorang banyak merge class during degree and I know her from there. Not so close but I enjoyed talking to her & her friends during class.

Al-Fatihah to Mohd Azreen Sohaimi or Ayie and Hartini Sulaiman.
I miss both of you. I miss your presence.

Life is short to go through with hatred and anger. Life is short to make enemies. Embrace everything, love everyone. Because we are not going to be around forever and neither do them.

Live your life with positivity :)

And to Arwah Ayie, Arwah Hartini, Arwah Putri, Arwah Nabila, my late grandparents, my late aunties, uncles and family members, I'll see you at the other side..soon :)

In the mean time people, live your life with happy thoughts and full positivity. And be healthy!