Saturday, November 12, 2011

To a friend who is a wife now :)

Time flies. People around me, it's either they're getting engaged, or getting married, or are on the way to welcome a baby in their life.

And honestly speaking, I am so happy for them.

I have a few friends who have a couple of kids already. Thank God I love kids, so whenever we hang out, we endlessly talked about kids. Haha. I feel old.

So with that, I would like to congratulate my beautiful colleague Nur Syazwani Roslan or Nani, for making it through to the next level in her life: Being a wife.

Through out being a Masscomm student, I was told that two people from the same field can't be together, because it'll be difficult. And I believe it.

But Nani and her husband Bobby is a living proof that it's not true. Both of them are reporters and look at them now :)

You wanna know what happen? Love happens, and when two person love each other, everything should be simple right?

Congratulations again, Nani and Bobby! There are no words to describe how happy I am for both of you. I'll see you tonight! Can't wait :)