Friday, May 4, 2012

The Day You Went Away

Emotional day for me. Tried to put on a strong face at the airport but indeed, my emotions took control the moment I saw you walk pass the departure hall.

Take care :) And jaga your Umi elok-elok.

Sayang dia. Rindu dia. Always.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I miss.

It's been like what, 2 months since u left right? I gotta say, although I know we contacted each other as much as we can every single day, but, I miss your presence. I miss having you around. I miss knowing that at the end of a busy working day, I can de-stressed by seeing you. I miss a lot of stuff!

You wanna know among the things that I miss about you? Here goes:
  • I miss making plans to go out with you, coz I know I'll have a great time.
  • I miss feeling excited to chow from the office coz I get to see you.
  • I miss informing you that I am on my way to your place coz I know we will meet in less than 10 mins.
  • I miss seeing you walk to my car while smoking.
  • I miss feeling all flowerly inside when u step into my car.
  • I miss letting u decide where to lepak.
  • I miss going to a lot of places with you, namely Spicy, J.Co, Nandos, Pyramid, Curve, Amarin, to the movies etc.
  • I miss seeing you smile, the sound of your laughter, the way we usik each other.
  • I miss holding hands with you.
  • I miss feeling all secure when you're around.

*sighs* We're strong kan sayang? I know as much as it is hard for me, I'm sure it is hard for you as well kan?

Hope I can see you, sekejap pun jadi la :(

Friday, February 24, 2012

My love in France.

After almost 4 years of preparing myself to face the fact that you will move to France, finally, on Feb 23rd, you left.

Crushed my heart. But after skyping with you yesterday and today, I can see how we'll communicate throughout your stay there. And I can assure you that, I feel fine already :) And I'm sure we'll be just fine.

Gonna miss you like crazy, yes, but despite you are far away, I know you're still around. With me :)

I love you. So much. For eternity. Tuan Ahmad Anas Bakhtiar :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

This blog will be a private blog soon.

3 more days before I'm making this blog readable to "my invited reader" only.

I need some privacy.

And since, I don't blog that much nowadays, so I think there should be no problem with it.

Some of the reason why I don't blog is because I think too much, of other people's perception. Which leads to I don't have freedom to blog whatever I want.

So yep, I'm making it private for dunno how long.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

ILY, blog!

I really need to update this blog. I mean, not in terms of postings, but in terms of the list of bloggers at the right hand side there.

I know I'm not an active blogger now. So I totally understand when there's a lot of my friends who are on hiatus for quite some time now.

The list of bloggers were set up when I was still in UiTM. In 2007 to be exact. Everyone is busy with their schedule now, chasing their dreams. Of course there's not much time to update.

Or maybe, they have 'berhijrah' to tumblr hihi.

Same goes to my YM. Previously, I can spend in front of my laptop for hours to chat but now, my YM is dead. I mean, it's still there. I'm online sometimes but there's not much people there anymore.

Hmmm :) People moved on. It's as easy as that.

Of course, I want to update this blog regularly, if I could, I want to update every single day. But...I know it's cliche, BUT, I have no time to blog.

I mean I don't have MUCH time. And I hate updating short posts. Seriously, I hate it.

I really love this blog. I really do :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Greetings from Singapore!

We've just arrived in Singapore for our short but sweet trip. Flight tadi pukul 10.30pm, sampai kat Changi Airport around 11.30pm++.
Now safely arrived at our hostel. Located in Bugis Street. The hostel is called Tree in Lodge, a very very go green hostel, I can say hehe.
Always thought that I will try my very best to go restaurants that have wifi access, but thankfully our hostel offers wifi as well. Ahhhh thank God hehe.
Will be here until 12th January, will make use of the moment I'm here. Like when else am I coming here right?

Okay, this is just a short update. Take care everyone!