Friday, December 13, 2013

Eight posts (well, including this..NINE posts) for 2013.

Hm. Not a good achievement, Sarah Abdullah.


I started out typing this post thinking that it might be a short one. But then again, maybe it will be a long post considering that well, I'm reporter. Writing is what I do. Heck, I got paid for writing, man! So yeah, maybe it will be a long post.

It's already December. How time flies huh? Almost the end of 2013. And then, we say HELLO to 2014.

What the hell...

How come it's already December, man? I'm turning 26 years old in a few days. TWENTY-SIX. *Gasp*

And next year...TWENTY-SEVEN.


I have dreams that I want to achieve.

When I was in school, I want to be a reporter. Well, here I am. A reporter. For almost 3 years already.
So what's next? What else, Sarah?

Sometimes, I feel quite passive. Although it's kind of impossible to be passive when you're a reporter because you always go out for assignments almost everyday.

In short, you're active. Going here and there.

And yet, I still feel passive. Why is that...

I guess it's because I've been doing the same thing daily for the past three years. I've grown comfortable with it. I've faced every challenges and accepted all opportunities given by my editors. So maybe that is why I'm questioning all this.

Maybe it's time to change.

Right now, if I really ask myself what I wanna do. In a blink of an eye, my heart answers.

And it says, I want to further my studies and be a student again.

InsyaAllah. InsyaAllah. InsyaAllah.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Beginning.

Here's to a new beginning.

Life as we know it is a journey. Full of obstacles, challenges, hardships, happiness, and the list goes on and on. Every single time we take a step forward, we always pray for the best.

And this new beginning, is my one step closer to become a good muslimah. InsyaAllah.

July 10th 2013. First day of Ramadan. It was the day when I said to myself, 

"Okay, Sarah. This is the perfect day. It's now or never."

And I just grab my tudung and wear it, together with my blue baju kurung.

Mum and dad was quite surprised. Mum even asked if I'm wearing tudung because of the event that I'm covering that day which needs me to wear one.

And I said no.

Then she guessed again, if I'm wearing tudung only because it's the fasting month.

Again, I said no. And I smiled at her. I said,

"Because I think it's time, Mi (Mami)."

She had a very beautiful smile plastered on her face when I said it. I blushed furiously, didn't like the attention given and quickly made my way to my dad. He asked,

"Eh dah pakai tudung? ALHAMDULILLLAH!!"

I smiled at him. Was quite surprised actually. Didn't know it's a big deal to them considering they've never pushed or even asked me when am I planning to wear hijab.

Guess they want me to do it on my own, when I'm ready. Alhamdulillah :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lazy is me.

Take a look at myself, from head to toe, you can sense that I'm a very simple person. Always wear something comfortable, maybe because of my job, but seriously I am always like this. Always.

I hate doing things that will take up so much of my time. Like, using facial wash then proceeded with using toner and moisturiser. Or applying make up before going out. Or ironing my hair. Wear something that will take hoursss to get ready. I hate. Because, I really treasure my time...

...and also because I am so pemalas to concentrate on myself more than what I really need.

For example, if I have to hit the road and go to work by 7.30am, I can wake up at 7am, take my shower real quick, wear anything simple and off I go!

BUT, if I have to wash my face 'properly' and wear make up, or do my hair to make it look 'nicer', I may need to wake up at 6am or 6.30am. Now now, who would want to do that?? Less sleeping time? Nuh-ah. I treasure and appreciate my beauty sleep (beauty kerr?) with all my heart.

So I guess you can take a hint now. I'm lazy to do unnecessary things and I'm not a morning person, that's why I love to sleepppp in the morning.

I guess, I prefer to concentrate on other things without concentrating on myself more.

Some people buat facial regularly. Me? Guess please... (Of course, never!)
Some people make appointments to do manicures and pedicures regularly. Me? (Only once. Tu pun sebab buat girls day out kononnya with girlfriends because one of em are getting engaged.)
Hair treatment? Scalp treatment? Spa? Massage? Mandi lulur apa bagai? Can you guess already? Hahaha.

Certain people, they will ask me why. And my answer is very simple: Because I don't see any difference if I do it and didn't do it. No difference at all. Still the same, like this. Satisfied?

So now, I want to ask you a question: Do you think I'm weird? (Please say No!) Not.


I need a new laptop ... so that I can blog more.

I need a new camera ... so that I can capture whatever beautiful moment in my life and for my escapism :D

I need a new watch ... so that.. No reason actually, I just need it because I don't have one right now.

I need a new wallet ... because the one I'm using right now is so uzur already.

I need new shoes!!! ... because, you can never have enough shoes. And it so happens that all of my shoes (I mean it, ALL) that I always wear to work is kaputt already. In fact, right now, I borrowed my sister's shoes which dah buat harta pun. Hewhew. Sorry Dee  :D

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Trust me, I'm a reporter.

Life as a reporter. Only those who are in it, knows how it is.

As for the outsiders, they can say whatever they want. Of course they will think that our job is easy.

Right now, we are busy with the elections. If you still think it is easy, then you are wrong.

I hope it is easy. I hope it is just a piece of cake. But truthfully, it is not.

I am in Perak now. We arrived yesterday. In the papers, it says that we'll be here for 21 days. But I know it will be longer than that.

Nomination day is on the 20th of April, this Saturday. Elections on May 5th. I think we'll be here until they have formed the new government.

So yeah, Ipoh is my temporary home for the next 3 weeks or more.

But elections only happened once in 5 years. So of course I will make it a priority, where everything related to GE 13 matters the most. Others, at second place.

Have to be away from my family during that period. Still think it's easy? Think again.
At this age, I can live with the fact of being away.
But sometimes I feel sad with other media people, who have to leave their wives and husbands and childrens. The newlyweds, or daddy to be, have to suck it up and leave their newly wedded wives or pregnant wives just for the elections. That's hard.

As for my case, I have to cancel plans with a lot of people. Attending important weddings and of course, to be a part of their weddings. Bridesmaids, emcee, 'gadis dulang'..who am I kidding? Of course I can't accept that now.

Although I may be done with the elections by then, but I can't accept the commitment because I have to think about my job first. We'll be busy here, I can't be stressed out thinking about tempah baju or pergi fitting etc. Bachelorette parties!! Ugh. Can't think about that now, not just yet.

I'm sorry, friends. Truly, I am.
I feel bad, but what can I do?

Right now, I want to focus on covering the elections, meeting the high expectations by everyone. And I just want to get this over with..successfully!

And after that, I can goyang kaki all I want. And looking forward to plan my escapism.. Soon baby, soon.

So, everyone, please wish me luck! Wish all of us luck. We certainly need it :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

After 15 hours.

"It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now...."

Ceh, over sangat. It's not quarter after one, but it's actually 11.48pm and I am still at the office with other mandarin reporters and also my colleague Bob.

Have to finish up my special report which will be aired tomorrow, insyaAllah.

Can't settle it tomorrow because I have morning assignment -__-"

So tomorrow is February 8th and I have another 3 days to go before my off days. Drained already. Yelp me.

Cak! Dah tak private :D

Blog ni dah dijadikan private sejak setahun lalu. Maaf lah kepada readers (ceh macam ada). Bukan nak menyombong atau apa, tapi dah tahu memang takkan aktif menulis pada tahun 2012.

Macam mana tahu? Sebab kononnya baru nak sesuaikan diri hubungan jarak jauh. Eceh. Tahu memang tak akan ada masa untuk online semata-mata untuk menulis. Sebab haruslah online untuk Skype je kan? :P

Dan juga, sebab laptop Toshiba kesayanganku sejak tahun 2005 dah Innalillah. Screen laptop dah mematikan dirinya, maka malas lah nak pergi repair. Walaupun rezeki menang iPad masa lucky draw last year, tapi tak feeling lah menulis guna touch screen. Like hello, tak selesa. Typo here and there, pastu kena delete delete delete lagi. Aih leceh!

Ya, saya ada iPad tapi saya tak suka touch screen. Jadi pada mereka yang tanya 'Bila lagi nak berhijrah kepada iPhone'..can just shut it. I love my BlackBerry :)

In fact, nak beli BB10 pun nak yang ada keypad. Tapi si Ahmad Anas ni nak yang touch screen pulak. Jadinya macam serba salah, nak touch screen atau keypad? Nak ikut gerak hati sendiri atau nak sehati sejiwa dengan Ahmad Anas?

Haha okay, kamu menggelikan ye Sarah.

Oh well, tak boleh nak judge those phones selagi tak tengok dengan mata kepala sendiri. Mana tahu sekali dah depan mata, terjatuh cinta dengan yang touch screen bukan yang keypad. We will never know :)

Tunggu je lah labu.

Til then, tolong berdoa moga kerajinan untuk blog secara tetibe ni berkekalan bukan sekadar hangat-hangat tahi ayam. Benci tengok sarang labah-labah dah berleluasa di sini :)

xxoo :)


Excuse us. After a few months of getting a new huge ass desktop, I'm still so jakun with it. Whenever I have time, I will 'tarik' my colleagues who are my victims (like in the pictures below) to pose with me. (Just because I feel like an idiot to pose alone in front of the desktop with other people around hehe shy shy cat lah)

Anyways, the pictures were taken on Jehan's last day of working at ntv7. Jehan is my curly fries, she's annoying a bit but funny. Love having her around in the office coz she will instantly cheer up my day with her wacky jokes and funny facial expression :) I love you Jehan and is missing you every single (working) day!!

The other cute lady doing funny poses is my english producer, Kak Leena. She have 2 kids now, and her daughter looks exactly like her! Ah-dorable!