Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Trust me, I'm a reporter.

Life as a reporter. Only those who are in it, knows how it is.

As for the outsiders, they can say whatever they want. Of course they will think that our job is easy.

Right now, we are busy with the elections. If you still think it is easy, then you are wrong.

I hope it is easy. I hope it is just a piece of cake. But truthfully, it is not.

I am in Perak now. We arrived yesterday. In the papers, it says that we'll be here for 21 days. But I know it will be longer than that.

Nomination day is on the 20th of April, this Saturday. Elections on May 5th. I think we'll be here until they have formed the new government.

So yeah, Ipoh is my temporary home for the next 3 weeks or more.

But elections only happened once in 5 years. So of course I will make it a priority, where everything related to GE 13 matters the most. Others, at second place.

Have to be away from my family during that period. Still think it's easy? Think again.
At this age, I can live with the fact of being away.
But sometimes I feel sad with other media people, who have to leave their wives and husbands and childrens. The newlyweds, or daddy to be, have to suck it up and leave their newly wedded wives or pregnant wives just for the elections. That's hard.

As for my case, I have to cancel plans with a lot of people. Attending important weddings and of course, to be a part of their weddings. Bridesmaids, emcee, 'gadis dulang'..who am I kidding? Of course I can't accept that now.

Although I may be done with the elections by then, but I can't accept the commitment because I have to think about my job first. We'll be busy here, I can't be stressed out thinking about tempah baju or pergi fitting etc. Bachelorette parties!! Ugh. Can't think about that now, not just yet.

I'm sorry, friends. Truly, I am.
I feel bad, but what can I do?

Right now, I want to focus on covering the elections, meeting the high expectations by everyone. And I just want to get this over with..successfully!

And after that, I can goyang kaki all I want. And looking forward to plan my escapism.. Soon baby, soon.

So, everyone, please wish me luck! Wish all of us luck. We certainly need it :)