Friday, December 13, 2013

Eight posts (well, including this..NINE posts) for 2013.

Hm. Not a good achievement, Sarah Abdullah.


I started out typing this post thinking that it might be a short one. But then again, maybe it will be a long post considering that well, I'm reporter. Writing is what I do. Heck, I got paid for writing, man! So yeah, maybe it will be a long post.

It's already December. How time flies huh? Almost the end of 2013. And then, we say HELLO to 2014.

What the hell...

How come it's already December, man? I'm turning 26 years old in a few days. TWENTY-SIX. *Gasp*

And next year...TWENTY-SEVEN.


I have dreams that I want to achieve.

When I was in school, I want to be a reporter. Well, here I am. A reporter. For almost 3 years already.
So what's next? What else, Sarah?

Sometimes, I feel quite passive. Although it's kind of impossible to be passive when you're a reporter because you always go out for assignments almost everyday.

In short, you're active. Going here and there.

And yet, I still feel passive. Why is that...

I guess it's because I've been doing the same thing daily for the past three years. I've grown comfortable with it. I've faced every challenges and accepted all opportunities given by my editors. So maybe that is why I'm questioning all this.

Maybe it's time to change.

Right now, if I really ask myself what I wanna do. In a blink of an eye, my heart answers.

And it says, I want to further my studies and be a student again.

InsyaAllah. InsyaAllah. InsyaAllah.