Friday, January 31, 2014

(friend) + ship has sailed.

I believe in equality.

I believe that I deserve to be treated nicely if I have treated that other person nicely.

I believe that life is too short to keep on trying on something or someone who does not appreciate it.
So it is better if I just, give up. And focus on some other things or people that are worth my time & truly appreciates my existence.

I am turning 27 years old and it is time to grow up.
Time to make good choices that could give an impact (of course, positively) to your life.

Time to filter negative things and move on.

I appreciate my years and years of friendships and relationship.
Throughout the years, I can see who that I can consider as a true friend and also those that are not.

Although it is such a shame for all of the years wasted, but it's okay, at least I know that I've learned something from this life.
And appreciate my true friends more.

I refuse to be treated like a doormat.
I am worth more than that.
Our friendship should worth more than that.

If this is how you treated your friends, then I do not want to be your friend anymore.
I have other friends, who in a short period of time, have shown me that they actually care. And are more than willing to lend me a shoulder to cry on, a huge hug to give me strength, to carry me when I'm weak and provide endless positive words and support. And of course, to share my laughter too.

That's a real definition of a true friend.

Life, can take you anywhere, can caused you to be in different countries, and can be a handful.
But friendship, should be simple. That could make you at ease and forget about all of the hardships that life has to offer.

Having a true friend does not mean that you have to meet the person everyday to have a chat.
No. It can be once a month, or even, once a year.
But the communication, should not be once a month or year, or when you need help or only when you need someone when you're down, whilst you were not there when I'm in need.

The technology these days can shock you. It exists to make your life much more simple.
There should no longer be excuses of being busy or simply do not have time.
The technology is there, so use it!

Friendship, takes both ways.
I think I have done my part enough. I have showed you my effort and I have proven that I'm willing to go the extra mile for the friendship.
But what do I get in return?

The silent treatment.

Hence, you are receiving my silent treatment now. Maybe forever.

Like I said,
I believe in equality.


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